Camille Fordane

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Camille Fordane
(Carly Shields)
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Human
Class: unknown
Status: Deceased
Cause of Death:
Killed accidentally by Titus Harper, believing her to be someone else
Affiliations: House Harper
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 187 - A Dark Past
Last Episode: Episode 190 - Losing Control
MISC Info: Scarred face

Camille Fordane was a childhood friend to Titus Harper, and first appeared in a flashback that Harper had upon entering Longcryer's Tower. Camille was a long-time friend, teacher, and servant to Harper, so was sent to the tower to placate Harper, who is having a bad time in his apprenticeship to Longcryer. Camille told a story about young Harper saving her from being thrown out of his family's service. She was originally set to be the playmate of Adira, who blamed her for a broken artifact. Though he must incur Adira's wrath, Harper tells the truth, earning Camille's trust and convincing the his family to continue her employment. During Camille's introduction, it was discovered that Harper first showed his magical ability in a fit of rage that ended with her being scarred by his lightning.

During Harper's training with Longcrier, he was subject to many tortures and "tests", one of which leads him to kill Camille (whom he believes is Askur Thunderbeard the dwarf due to potion-induced hallucinations).

Fifteen years later, Camille spoke through Harper as he touches various artifacts in Longcrier's Tower. Camille's words attempted to save the party from defeat at Longcrier's hands.