Cthulhu & Friends Reads: Old Man Henderson Director's Cut Part 1

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Title: Old Man Henderson Director's Cut Part 1

Author: Waffle House Millionaire and A Self Called Nowhere

Published: July 2010

Air Date: 1/18/18

Length: 00:11

Read by: Cast

From the Website

Hey remember that guy Henderson…?!

This week we present Old Man Henderson Director’s Cut Part 1, from 1d4Chan!

Old Man Henderson was written as a forum post, and so isn’t the traditional type of reading we’ve done. It’s a story of insanity, awesomeness, and revenge. It was written by Waffle House Millionaire, and later by A Self Called Nowhere (Another player at the table) as a first hand recollection of an actual Trail of Cthulhu game.

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Cover art by Kym Stonick.

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