Cthulhu & Friends Reads: The Picture in the House by H.P. Lovecraft

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Title: The Picture in the House

Author: H.P. Lovecraft

Published: Summer 1921

Air Date: 11/6/14

Length: 00:22

Read by: Josh Gentry

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Hi Creepers! We had two members sick during our regular recording time, so it’s time for another H.P. Lovecraft Story Time! This time we present The Picture in the House, read and produced by Josh! The Picture in the House was written by weird fiction author H.P. Lovecraft on December 12, 1920, and published in the National Amateur in the summer of 1921.

EDITOR’S NOTE: In this short story, Lovecraft has one of his characters use language regarding African Americans and Native Americans that would be considered offensive today. We have not altered or censored the original story in an effort to preserve the integrity of this historic piece of literature. Of course, the views of H.P. Lovecraft DO NOT necessarily represent the view of the cast and crew of Cthulhu & Friends or GeeklyInc. (Whew. Lawsuit averted.)

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Story Synopsis

While exploring Miskatonic Valley on their way to Arkham, the narrator gets caught in the rain on an abandonded road and takes refuge in a supposedly abandonded wooden house. As the narrator explores the eerie and unsettling house, they discover they are not alone. An older man greets the narrator and welcomes him to take refuge from the rain. As the two converse, he narrator learns a horrifying truth about his host.

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