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| character = Dipper
| character = Dipper
| player = NPC
| player = NPC
| image = No_Image_Wiki.png
| image = Dipper.png
| alias = ''N/A''
| alias = ''N/A''
| race = Galeb Duhr
| race = Galeb Duhr

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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Galeb Duhr
Class: unknown
Status: Alive
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: Jörldin
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 372 - Welcome to the Elemental Plane of Earth
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info:

Dipper was a travelling guide in the city of Jörldin. He met with The Tower of Grey when they travelled to The Elemental Plane of Earth to defeat the Man of Sorrow in a game of Bones.