Doctor Rogers

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Doctor Rogers
(Mike Bachmann)
Doctor Rogers.jpg
Alias(es): N/A
Race: Warforged
Class: Juggernaut
Status: Presumed deceased
Cause of Death:
Paralyzed by supporters of Tiamat, who summoned her
Affiliations: New Newfoundland Land

The Baby-sitters Club

Appearances: First Episode: Episode 300 – Swords and Sobriety Episode 1: Tavern Troubles
Last Episode: N/A
MISC Info: It's Mister Rogers!

Doctor Rogers was a amiable Warforged from New Newfoundland Land. He would just wander around town, singing to himself about being your friend. He was friends with a small train, Trolley (later changed to Charlie), being ridden by a puppet, Wacko. They ride around Rogers' house, delivering messages and being helpful, though Rogers was unsure of where they led.

A member of The Baby-sitters Club, he attempted to stop Mendelov's Marvelous Rainbow Tavern Company from corrupting the town, but failed. As a result, the Company, actually a team of Dragonborn, completed a ritual to bring Tiamat into the world. He was likely killed when this happened.