Greetings Adventurers Episodes

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Arc One

Season 1 - So We Woke Up On Slabs

4th Edition Ruleset

Season 2 - Kickstarting the Quest Log

Ros, Bucky, and Daisy

Season 3 - Out of Time

Season 4 - Adherent and Demon... omicon

Season 5 - Distractions, Death and a Demon God

Season 6 - Bedeviled Bound Brazier of Endless Power

5th Edition Ruleset

Aludra's newfound Moon Beam expertise

Arc Two

Season 7 - Short Engagements

Season 8 - A Dark Past, A Bright Future

A Group Hug

Season 9 - The Ätlän-tã Fælcons!

Season 10 - To Slay a Lich

Arc Three

Season 11 - Into the Feywild

Season 12 - The Grull Redemption

Season 13 - The Hell Bank

Season 14 - Let's Build a Deck!

Season 15 - A Game of Bones (Current Season)

Bonus Episodes!