Drunks and Dragons Random Encounters - Durance Episode 3

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Episode 3 of Durance sees the first character deaths and oath breaking.



Nelma Pilver is brought to court before Sella Pill for her terrorist actions. She is sentenced to go to the desert to dig up bodies and bring them back to the colony. When she goes out to the desert she runs into Orphia, who kills Nelma and leaves her in the desert. Mitty Gunmith gets taken to jail for contraband being found in her room, possibly placed there by Nelma's people. Edie tells Wilton that she is pregnant with his baby and wants him to use his power to get real milk. He refuses but is suspicious that the child is not his. He confronts Mercutio, who admits to sleeping with Edie. Wilton shoots Mercutio but does not kill him. Lymand tells Sella about this and they agree to work together to take over the colony and make Sella governor. Edie visits Wilton in jail while Mitty looks on and cries. Wilton explains that he is infertile and could not be the father of her child. They make beautiful speeches to each other and Edie forgives him, breaking her oath. Wilton goes to trial and is (eventually) found guilty of abusing his power, breaking his oath.