Duke Byron Thorne

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Duke Byrone Thorne was an vampire who ruled in the abandoned Buttswell Manor. He was kindly and amiable, and liked to make jokes based around the fact that he liked to kill and eat people. Jokes such as, "Isn't this wine good? Ah, just kidding, it's blood! Haha! I make a funny joke, no?" He is described as having an extremely ornate hairstyle and a long robe that is "aggressively embroidered with lots of stuff".


  • NPC
  • Race: Vampire
  • Class: Vampire
  • Age: Very Old
  • Status: Dead
    • Cause of Death: Unknown, a fight breaks out between him and his crew vs the Ätlän-tã Fælcons. A window is opened, causing light to come pouring in. The battle is short after that.
  • MISC Info: Spoke with a stereotypical thick Romanian accent. Doesn't like "poor blood", as they don't eat right, and their iron isn't very high. His words.