Episode 1

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The party members wake up bound to slabs in a scary dungeon. They have no memory of who they are or how they arrived there. Tum talks a big game about escaping his ropes and fails. As the party gets their bearings a man in a bloodstained coat enters and cuts the hand off of another captive before leaving with the hand. The other captive falls unconscious due to getting his fucking hand cut off. After this the party frees themselves and attempts to help the handless man. Aludra uses her healing skill to wake him up but Handless McGee is in too much pain and falls unconscious again. The party collects some basic weapons and venture out of the dungeon into a hallway. They poke around and find a room full of skeletons. And so we have our first initiative of the campaign (it's very exciting). Highlights of the battle include Tum saying the sentence "I kiss the shaft." Thom and Junpei use some great teamwork to get Tum to attack with a longsword, which he promptly ignores. Despite this, they defeat the skeletons and attempt to investigate the contents of a table. The party picks up some better gear from the skeletons and next episode we find out what's on that table!