Episode 12 - Lost Things

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Episode Stats

Season 4 Episode 12

Title: Lost Things

Air Date: 6/23/16

Length: 01:18

Swear Jar Count: 12, Ben has a 15% on their "Imma Die" die.

Next Episode: Bloopisode 7

Previous Episode: Episode 11 - The Cost

From the Website

Not all is lost. Sometimes misplaced things pop up in the most unexpected places.

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Season 4 cover art by Kym Stonick.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Franks slips off the roof, hears a voice directing him to find a vessel, and hits the ground.

After seeing the people in the neighborhood act strange, Leonard and Mona decide to head back to the newspaper.

Meanwhile Steve hears Alice tumble down the stairs. He checks on her, and she passes out. Steve heads up to the roof to check on Frank.

Frank wakes up in Eliza’s body, and looks around for his presumably dead corpse. Leonard sees Steve on the roof clutching Frank’s camera. Steve tells him that he thinks Frank fell. Leonard and Steve look for Frank, but they are unable to find him.

After meeting back inside the newspaper Steve and Leonard are shocked when little Eliza speaks with Frank’s voice. Suddenly, the song of an ice cream truck starts playing. Frank asks for an ice cream, and so Steve goes out to buy one. A strange old woman in the ice cream truck, acts surprised that Steve can see her. When she opens up the truck there are random trinkets and knickknacks instead of ice cream. Steve spots a copper box, and the woman offers it to him. He takes it back inside, and shows it to Leonard and Frank. Suddenly, the door to the newspaper swings open and the robot from the pier walks in and shuts the door.

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