Episode 13 - A Dwarf, Dragonborn and a Githyanki Walk into a Bar…

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Our adventurers enter the gates of Mastwick, discovering there are still some hurt feelings about the orc battle. They stable Daisy the mule; and an unremarkable man bumps into Tum, although once he checks he realizes he hasn"t been pickpocketed. Aludra, Junpei, and Thom go in front of Tum, acting as a guard, and enter the Foaming Tankard Tavern. Then, Alurda turns around and discovers Tum has disappeared!

Tum runs off following the directions of a note the unremarkable man slipped into his pocket. In the rough part of town and with chin raised high, Tum enters the Dented Galley to meet Footpad Calor who informs him he is not a Darkblade! The Darkblades are in fact the local thieves" guild that Tum has been attempting to join. His mission was to steal the great sword Blooddrinker from his father Trant Thumble who rules the city of Caer. Footpad informs Tum that Shade Baylish, the head of the Darkblades, has a buyer who wants the sword in one month and Tum's cut will be 2,500 gold. Footpad directs him to Hookbeard, a pirate whose hideout is a half day's walk from the city, who may be able to help him sail to Caer. Upon discovering the other requirement to join the Darkblades is performing a sly flourish, Tum jumps up on the table to flourish slyly and gets thrown out of the bar.

Meanwhile back at the Foaming Tankard… Aludra handily drinks a group of dwarves under the table in a drinking contest winning 50 gold. Junpei attempts to chat with a fancily dressed and totally bombed elf who says that Thumble is taxing the people of Mastwick dry. With a well-timed natural 20 Junpei lifts the elf's purse and then takes his blinged-out cloak. Thom knocks out a barbarian who called him "Lizard Boy."

Tum strolls in, slightly offended his teammates didn"t bother looking for him. They get the drunk Aludra some fish stew and settle in to trade information. Tum attempts to hide the full reward value for Blooddrinker but comes clean once Thom presses him. They stay overnight at the tavern before heading off to the marketplace. Tum notices Junpei's suspiciously bulging sack. They buy an obnoxious, obscene, one-winged parrot at Jorman's Exotic Animal Store as a gift for the pirate captain. They retrieve Daisy and set out for Hookbeard's hideout.