Episode 13 - Triskaidekaphobia

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 13

Title: Triskaidekaphobia

Air Date: 3/29/19

Length: 58:02

From the Website

The 13th Episode… It’s a bit of a wild ride, are you ready? Enjoy this week’s crazy episode.

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This episode stars Staci, Fred, Mike, Steph, and Veronica and was produced and edited by Hiroshi. The opening and closing theme was created by Rob Anderson.

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Episode Synopsis

A strange woman shows up and gives Diane some sort of medicine that helps stabilize her. After Diane is rushed to the hospital, the woman introduces herself as the Beatrice Mason, The Magistrate of Justice. The Crew heads up to the Mayor’s office conference room to discuss the case. After Beatrice leaves, the door to the conference room slams shut trapping Edward alone. Edward hears a voice and sees a pair of glowing yellow eyes in the darkness. The voice tells him they are hungry and demands they sign the manifests each day, or they will do more than drag a body under a house. Edward blacks out.

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