Episode 14 - Dreams of Dragons

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After falling asleep at a tavern, Tum, Thom, and Aludra wake up in a barren desert not knowing where Junpei is. A handsome young elvish man appears out of nowhere and announces himself as Aelar the Wizard. Aelar claims that Junpei is in grave danger. The adventurers must save him, or he will surely be eaten!

The adventures discover Junpei tied to a post, obviously unconscious, with a snarling young brown dragon stalking behind him. They roll for initiative. After Aelar professionally fires off a fountain of flame, the dragon dangerously breathes a stream of sand over the party. After several rounds, Junpei comes to. The dazed dragon reels, and Junpei uses his trademark Mage Hand to free himself. The adventurers discover once again that math is difficult. Just when it draws close to bed time, Thom lands a fierce killing blow.

Nearby, a rooster crows. The adventurers awaken, unharmed, and shake off the dream. However, they cannot explain why there is sand in their underwear