Episode 157 - Storm's A-Brewin'

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Bearcharger and his shiny rounds
"Hey shitsnacks!" ~ Nyx


Episode 157 - Storm's A-Brewin'

In this episode we learn a few hard truths about Aludra’s betrothed and are left feeling…somehow worse. Turns out he situation is complicated. Who would have guessed? Meanwhile, in Pelor’s Hope, Jaela, Harper and Bearcharger prepare to make their way to Deephome. Somehow something bad happens to them and well…I will not spoil it here…but someone dies. Like…we can’t even find the body dies. Also, why didn’t we revivify Chad? Now my morning is ruined.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters




We open in Deephome at the Oakback estate where Aludra Wyrmsbane is tasting food for her wedding. She is greeted by a very proper and noble and fancy Willingsworth, and see's his counterpart Griggs. Baldur Oakback enters and is seated at the opposite end of a very large table from Aludra. He instead opts to sit next to Aludra and explain why he was running late: he had to save a dogs life which got hit by a carriage in front of him. He also adopted the dog.

They talk about some things, including Baldur wanting to be closer with Bucky and offering to have his younger brother spend time with Bucky. Griggs then accidentally spills some soup on Baldur, which greatly upsets Willingsworth. Baldur prevents the firing of Griggs, and then offers Aludra a good amount of Burritos.

Pelor's Hope

We see the rest of our heroes boarding the Chum Guzzler, which has had its name covered up at the request of Ashayara Dayne. We see Winston as more than just a Simple boatman, but rather an admiral. Also aboard the ship are Flinn, Cooper, Randy, Brady, Tad, Brett, and Trevor. In addition is much of King Titus Harper's court, such as his drow master of whispers Crow, his gnome squire Timpleton, a Drunkeros Madagascar catperson, the human Nyx, and the envoy from Deephome named Slab Spittlechunk.

Marendithas Bearcharger asks if he can drive the boat if he's real good. Harper is given a sending stone which has a message from Bucky asking him to pick up a "sick ass bard" on the way in Calsten. Jaela then has a conversation with Princess Ivy Bluemoon and let's her have one sugar cube as long as they check her insulin that night.

It is established that Daisy is in Deephome with Bucky. Also, Pyre is still in charge of Mastwick.

After a few days the ship gets hit by a storm, which begins

The Skill Challenge

The royal guard attempts to bring Harper below deck to keep him safe. He successfully calls them off, and Bearcharger gets the point across by tackling them. Jaela patches up a vulnerable part of the boat, Nix finds which hatches to batten. A rope breaks and Tad dangles holding on for his life. Jaela parkours in an attempt to save Tad. She gets a grab of his hand, but he slips into the ocean and dies.

When dawn arrives, the Chum Guzzler finds itself in the bay of an unknown island. A bulbous creature rises out of the water with a large eyeball and several eyestalks (a beholder). And the episode ends.


  • Harper's Master of Whispers in this episode is said to be Crow, but later, it is revealed that it is actually Ros. It is unclear if this is a continuity error, or a bit of subterfuge to keep the actual Master of Whispers hidden.
  • Tad is dead

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Attend Aludra's wedding
  • [Backburner] - Find Adira Harper