Episode 159 - Monkey Business

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King Titus Harper-dad throwing lightning and shit.
"I think you mean old Jaela" ~ Jaela


The demon rises out of Bearcharger's corpse and flies away without fucking anyone. The group briefly talks about revivifying Bearcharger again, but no one has any diamonds (except for the customary wedding diamonds for Aludra). King Titus Harper finds a note on Bearcharger as they throw his body overboard for a water burial stating that he isn't actually Bearcharger's father and thanking him for all of the shinee rounds.

The group leaves Winston in charge of the boat and Harper flies them away towards the island. They find the demon terrorizing a village of monkeys similar to Abu/Apu. Harper initiates a powerbomb special with Nyx. After some exchanges of blows, it is revealed that Mike Bachmann is playing an apeling, who looks like a person in a monkey suit, who then casts a cone of cold from its staff. Harper then uses his gust of wind to put out the fire and shoots some rays at the demon. It is eventually felled by a lightning bolt of Harper's which also hits Jaela. The monkey introduces itself (in the next episode).