Episode 15 - A Pirate’s Life for Me

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The adventurers approach the pirate's cove unnoticed, and just when they are discussing what to do Thom jumps up and yells, "Ahoy, maties!" Four scalawags approach, and Tum tells them they’re looking for Hookbeard in order to join his crew and sail to Caer. After Junpei threatens to have Thom eat them, the scalawags take them to the pirate captain whose beard, while luscious, is unhooked. Hookbeard is highly wary of them, especially after Junpei offers him the obscene parrot. After Tum shows Hookbeard the note with the Darkblades’ symbol, Hookbeard lays out conditions if they want to join the crew: they will not get paid, they must load the heavy cargo, if they are attacked they must defend the boat to the death, and they MUST talk like a pirate.

The adventurers agree with differing degrees of convincing pirate voices. As they go to load the cargo, they discover cages filled with people who are to be sold off as slaves. The adventurers are drawn to the most attractive lady (whose name they later learn is Ros) who tells them they are merchants who the pirates attacked. If the adventurers can free the soon-to-be-slaves Ros promises to sail them to Caer. Though Junpei worries the merchants are cannibals, Tum slips food to all the merchants after deciding to mutiny while on the high seas.

They set sail and under the cover of darkness murder four pirates in their beds. One tear slips down Aludra's cheek as she struggles with the ethical dilemma of killing a man in his sleep. One of the pirates screams out in terror as Junpei's Nightmare Eruption claims his life. As the other pirates stream into the hold, they roll for initiative. When Captain Hookbeard arrives on the scene they quickly discover that his piratey eye patch fires like a weapon doing either fire or necrotic damage. After dispatching Hookbeard who in his last breath laments that the adventurers never asked about his beard, the adventurers take control of the ship. Junpei takes Hookbeard's eye patch as part of the spoils.