Episode 160 - Monkier Business

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He's kind of horrifying, but kind of cute.
"Not for nuttin', but you just look like one of those greasy kids outside of the bodega." ~ Bananas Foster


After their victory over the demon that had inhabited Merendithas Bearcharger. King Titus Harper introduces himself to the apeling who helped them with their victory. The apeling is not impressed. He introduces himself as Bananas Foster who is 503 years old (despite the life expectancy of an apeling being 60). Bananas asks if he can accompany the group to the wedding. He also offers the group some wood (although he doesn't know who's) to help fix the boat. Once Jaela and Nyx have their backs turned, Bananas knocks out Timpleton and disguises himself as Timpleton.

When they get back to the boat, they hear Harper complaining about how rude Bananas was. Bananas (disguised as Timpleton) attempts to convince Harper that he wasn't such a bad guy. Then continues to try to convince him to let him stay on the boat. Bananas goes with Winston (who is besties with Timpleton) back to the village where he changes back to himself. Winston carries Bananas and Timpleton back to the boat.

Harper expresses concern that Pyre might consider this island to be in his domain. Bananas says that (as he is 503) he goes way back with Pyre, and they are mortal enemies. Bananas says that if he doesn't get to go on the boat, then Pyre will likely fry his village to a crisp.

Then Winston says that they've built a funeral pyre for Bearcharger and asks Harper to give a eulogy. Harper does so, and in addition says some words for Tad. Nyx shares a memory of punching Tad in the face. They may not be entirely sincere about his memory though, since they refer to him as "Thad". Harper turns around after his eulogy and notices that Bananas Foster is missing.

The monkey people of the island have a feast, and are generally pleasant. The next morning, the boat is fixed. As they're leaving the monkeys mention that they know Abu/Apu and also Harper offers to absorb the island into his kingdom. The boat then continues towards Calsten to pick up Jett Razor. During a conversation between Jaela and Winston about her change in style, they discover Bananas (poorly disguised as Tad).

Winston demands that Bananas swabs the poop deck or gets thrown overboard as a stowaway. Bananas reveals that he is a bit racist against dwarves as they are nothing but "smelly mountain miners", which offends Spittlechunk. He is then sent under the deck to get bananas for dinner. This proves too strenuous for a 503 year old monkey and he falls dead.