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*[Paused] - Kipper, foe or friend?
*[Paused] - Kipper, foe or friend?
*Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthis
*Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthus

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Thom, Aludra, and Bucky

"Can we talk about how shitty it would be for Aludra's story to end here? As the only remaining original cast?" ~ Mike Bachmann

"Do you guys remember when Harper was like, 'I guarantee that two people won't die?'" ~ Michael DiMauro


Episode 178 - The War of Wyrmsbane Keep Part 3

The party discusses all kinds of theoretical ways to attack the dwarven dreadnaught. Unfortunately, not all of them were possible. Fortunately, what they were left with still put the party in peril.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



  • Dreadnaught
    • Main Turret
    • Flamethrower Pod 1
    • Flamethrower Pod 2



Jett Razor uses Cure Wounds and Ros regains consciousness. She tells King Titus Harper that she was able to infiltrate Longcryer's compound. She gathered as much intel as she could, but then had to flee when she was spotted and attacked. With Ros healed, and the immediate battle over, Harper sees to the recently killed Marlamin Windlore and Erynn Colleen and asks Jaela to Revivify them. Jaela is hesitant, thinking about only the core party and telling him that she'll only be able to cast the spell one more time this day. She only acquiesces after Harper promises that more than one of them won't die. For a second, they consider resting in Magnificent Mansion that Jett has been telling them about to regain their strength, but the sounds of the havoc being raised by the Oakback dreadnaught makes it clear that don't have time to do so. They have to engage with the dreadnaught now.

Aludra raises a Windwall to fill in the hole in outer walls of Wyrmsbane Keep, and then Harper casts Fly on her the two of them fly out of the keep to meet it. Aludra flies up to a stalactite and uses Stoneshape to free it from the cave ceiling and aims is down at the vehicle. Her calculations were a bit off and she missed damaging any of its weapon systems, but does manage to destroy one of its treads, completely halting its advance on her home. However, the dreadnaught sees them at the closest threat and aims the main array at them. Dozens of bolts are loosed in Harper's and Aludra's direction, piercing both of them and causing them both to plummet out of the sky. Aludra's body bounces off the canopy of the one of the pods and cracks it, and both Harper and Aludra are near death.

Jett and Jaela rush to help their friends. Jett Razor casts Geas on one of the dwarves controlling one of the flamethrowers and magically creates a strong urge to pull out a blank scroll and begin writing a letter to his mother. Both Jett uses Cure Wounds on Harper, while Jaela tends to Aludra and casts Death Ward on her. With their friends pulled back from the brink of death, the party systematically crack open the crystalline pods shielding the dwarves and then pummel them. Harper fries both the dwarf controlling the main turret and fries the whole dreadnaught with a Shocking Grasp, and Aludra deals the final blow to the final dwarf controlling the flamethrower and blood splatters all over her face and she released a guttural roar.

Atop the defeated dreadnaught, Aludra sees multiple armies approaching, carries the banners of multiple houses.


  • Nika Howard changes Jaela's flaw to be, "I will not forgive or Forget an error against myself or my friends."
  • Ros thinks that Jett Razor's human form is handsome.
  • Ros like Jett Razor's first and third album.
  • Jett Razor thinks the second album is underrated.
  • Aludra's Windwall saved her mother from a volley of bolts, as she walked by carrying a plate of cookies.
  • Bachmann was hoping to use Stinking Cloud perhaps in combination with Nika's Dimension Door to suffocate the engine, but the engine was probably run on magic and not a combustion engine.
  • Initially Jennifer was trying to combine her Stoneshape with Jump, but that would take too long since she could only cast one spell per turn. Tim considered carrying her, but cast Fly on her instead.
  • Bachmann wanted to have the Polymorphed dwarf in his Bag of Holding be crushed into goo, and have enough pressure inside the bag that when he purposefully cracked open the bag, a stream of a dwarf goo would spray out, so he could use that to cover up the crystalline domes and blind the three dwarven dreadnaught pilots. Sadly, Bags of Holding wouldn't work that way.

Inventory Updates

  • -1 Potion of Healing
  • +1 Marlamin Windlore to the party.
  • +1 Erynn Colleen to the party.

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Win the dwarven civil war
  • [Active] - Clear Jaela's name
  • [Active] - What are birds?
  • [Paused] - Kipper, foe or friend?
  • Longcryer!
  • Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthus


  • Recap
    • Nika - Nat20
    • Bachmann - 10 - Bapped
    • Tim - 8
    • Jennifer - 5

Combat Begins

  • Initiative vs Dreadnaught
    • Dreadnaught Main Turret
    • Jaela - 19+1
    • Dreadnaught Pod 1
    • Dreadnaught Pod 2
    • Aludra - 15
    • Harper - Nat1+3 (Dex 16)
    • Jett - 2+2 (Dex 14)

Round 1

  • Dreadnaught Main Turret main body vs party
    • Fires volley of bolts

  • Jaela vs Dreadnaught Main Turret
    • Hunter's Mark Bonus action. +1d6 Used to intimidate him. Marked as Oath.

  • Dreadnaught Pod 1 out of range
    • Does nothing

  • Dreadnaught Pod 2 out of range
    • Does nothing

  • Aludra Delays

  • Harper with Aludra
    • Fly on Aludra
    • Goes outside the walls, ready to attack

  • Aludra resumes combat vs Dreadnaught
    • Stoneshape on the perfect stalactite and changes it into a cone, pointed towards the dreadnaught.
    • Intelligence Check - 3 - The stalactite falls and (?) smashes through one of the treads and can no longer advance on the keep.

  • Jett vs Dreadnaught Pod 1
    • Geas to make a dwarf write to his mom, requiring a Wis Saving Throw vs Spell Save DC
      • (?) - Pulls out a scroll and begins writing

Round 2

  • Dreadnaught Main Turret vs Harper and Aludra
    • Volley of bolts - with 18 Dex DC
      • Harper - Uses Inspiration - 17 & (?)
      • Aludra - 11
        • 50 damage each. Aludra now has 6hp. Harper has 10hp.
        • Harper Concentration Saving Throw to maintain Fly - 25 DC
        • If he misses, 15 damage each
        • 9 - Jett and Jaela see two bags of meat falling from the sky. Holy shit! Holy shit, love! Are you seeing this? This is awesome! - Jett - Aludra cracks the canopy of the dome of the letter writing dwarf

  • Jaela to Aludra
    • Gives 35hp to Aludra and casts Death Ward on her. Thanks, baby

  • Dreadnaught Pod 1 still under a Geas
    • Keeps writing his letter

  • Dreadnaught Pod 2 swivels and Aludra dn Jaela are just out of range
    • Flamethrower requiring a 15 Dex Saving Throw
      • 9 - Jett is engulfed in flames - 30 damage (fire)

  • Harper vs Death
    • 5 - He is one step closer to death

  • Aludra vs Dreadnaught Pod 2
    • Turns into tree, reach is now 10 feet
    • Melee Attack - 23
      • Hit - Dome is smashed open
    • Melee Attack - (?)
      • Hit - 19 damage

  • Jett to Harper
    • Cure Wounds (at 4th level)
      • 22hp to Harper - I only did that cause it was fun to watch.

  • Dreadnaught Main Turret vs Jett and Harper
    • Volley reloads

  • Jaela

  • Dreadnaught Pod 2
    • Flamethrower requring 15 Dex Saving Throw
      • Harper - 18 - 15 damage - 5hp left
      • Jett - 5 - 30 damage - Jett is down

  • Harper vs Dreadnaught Main Turret
    • Drinks a potion - 2d4+2 - +8hp back to 15hp
    • Harper jumps on the main pod, and Shocking Grasp with Advantage.
      • 19+(?) to get 30 something & (?) - 14 damage (lightning) and can't react because he's dead. The electricity overloads the whole system, and steam is coming out of places that isn't not supposed to be coming out of.

  • Aludra vs Dreadnaught Pod 2
    • Stoneshape using a spell slot (+1d8) - 16 & 16
      • Hits - 11+12+1 - Aludra brings down her hammer with her tree arms bludgeons his face into a bloody pulp. Aludra is covered in blood and releases a guttural roar.

Combat Ends