GeeklyInc Random Encounters: Sailor Moon Edition

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Episode Stats

Episode Number: 1

Title: Sailor Moon Edition

Air Date: 5/1/2015

Length: 2 hours 10 minutes

Next Episode: Episode 2 - Sailor Moon Episode 2

From the Website

Konnichiwa bishoujo Senshi! Welcome to the first episode of Geekly Inc Random Encounters: Sailor Moon! Join the gang as they navigate the tricky waters of high school, boys, and fighting back the forces of darkness while playing Guardians of Order’s Sailor Moon RPG.

Your Scouts are: Dave Rollins (@BlackMagicBind), Sam Brady (@creeptasticsam), Ivana Sarmiento (@Arcanevice) and Christina Ladd (@OLaddieGirl) led by your GM Steph Kingston (@StephOKingston)

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Episode Summary

The time is 20 years after the original events of the Sailor Moon cartoon.

In this episode we meet the Sailor Scouts: Sailor Rainbow, Sailor Bear, Sailor Sunshine, and Sailor Titan. The four attend Juuban High School in Tokyo and are close friends. They have been "working" together as Sailor Scouts for the past six months.

The events of the episode open as school is about the end for the day. Tomorrow is a big school festival for a full Solar Eclipse! They are sitting in study hall with their mutual friend: Yuki. She invites the Sailor Scouts to go to the mall after class, because she has something to show them.

At the mall, Yuki tells them that she met a cute boy: Jiro who works at the sunglasses booth. The Sailor Scouts try to help Yuki approach Jiro where he is giving away free, tacky sunglasses for the eclipse. Jiro says he'll be at their school tomorrow to distribute more glasses for the eclipse at the festival. However, as they are talking to him Sailor Bear begins to notice that Jiro is acting a bit suspiciously.

The next day, at school, the Sailor Scouts have to get through their classes to earn points that can be spent at the market during the festival. First, they play soccer during gym with their teacher Shun Sensei. Next, they have math class with Michiko Sensei. Next, in art class, the Sailor Scouts are creating decorations for the festival. The final class of the day is English with Ron Sensei. The Sailor Scouts have to preform a skit as a waiter and a restaurant patron ordering food.

Finally, it is time for the festival. There is a market, a photography room, an international room, a band is playing outside, and there is a kissing booth. In the market, they are selling various things like school supplies or snacks.

Yuki is working the kissing booth with Hideo. Sailor Sunshine visits with Yuki and Sailor Bear goes to get a kiss from Hideo, but is too nervous to follow through.

Jiro arrives with a box of sunglasses for the eclipse. The Sailor Scouts, once again, try to help Yuki with Jiro as he comes up to sit outside the Kissing Booth.

Finally, it is time for the solar eclipse! Many people put on their tacky, free sunglasses. The moon moves to cover the sun, and then stops before the screaming starts. The people wearing the free sunglasses have the sunglasses melt into their face. Eventually, they stop screaming and become zombie-like.

Jiro begins speaking, doing the classic villain monologue, calling on his new "minion"s to steal energy and help blot out the sun. The Sailor Scouts transform and go into action. Jiro, who is Jadiete, is shocked to discover that the Sailor Scouts are there - having expected them to be gone - and turns the zombies on them.

Jadiete creates a monster from a pair of sunglasses and tells it to attack the Sailor Scouts and a battle ensues. When the Sailor Scouts defeat the monster: the moon continues its trek across the sky to reveal and the sun, and the converted masses change back and collapse. Jadiete teleports away in a huff and escapes.

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