Episode 2

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The party realizes that they have pretty much lost all their memories. They then discover that they each have a small cut behind an ear. Tum rolls a 27 which would be pretty impressive if the door wasn't unlocked. They search for some loot and come up with a few simple objects and some sheet based clothing. On the way out a zombified Handless McGee from the previous episode bursts through the door and desires the party's brains. Aludra turns into a bear and freaks everybody the fuck out and Tum has a really hard time pronouncing "Sly Flourish." The zombie goes down once but gets back up again until the party really destroys it. Inside the zombie's head they find a small disk with complicated mechanisms. They sneak into the yard but see there are more zombie hulks. Some well timed rolls let them stealth by and backflip over the fence to escape into the woods beyond.