Episode 200 - Battle of the White Spire

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Toby Treacletart
"Eat my butt! Who's punching a brigand now! Idiot!" ~ Toby


Episode 197 - Welcome to Glaine, the Jewel of the East

Jett's a traitor! He's the leader of the Nareevians! And Nika is piiiiiissssed. Oh, and what's that? The monster is revealed. It's Steve!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters


Everyone is falling. They crash into the floor below and rubble continues to fall and pile all around them. Trapped and contained within this mess is Toby, Aludra, and Jaela on one side, and Jett and only two of the twenty assassins on the other. They fight.

Everyone is focused on Jett. An assassin in an Egyptian cat mask and one in a Bat mask attempt to engage the heroes, but Aludra and Jaela are too fired up and focused on the betrayal while Toby follows their lead. Jett Razor used Heat Metal to attempt to cook Jaela within her own armor, or at the very least incapacitate or weaken her, but somehow burning up with her armor only makes her more focused. More angry. So Jett turns into goo and seeps into the ground to find a better angle of attack. Jaela yells out at him in an attempt to bait him into revealing himself too soon.

Just like you Jett, to run away when things get hard, and leave everyone behind like the traitor and coward you are. Come out and fight us or why don't you just go and find your worthless and B-level music career.

However, it's Aludra and her Wind Wall that forces him out of the rubble. Toby immediately follows that up by magically transforming his spit into a Watery Sphere and encasing Jett in it, and counters Jett's attempt to cause the entire party to sleep. Jett does manage to break out of his watery prison, and the party is right on him, when the assassin in a bat mask pulls his leader, who the party knows as Jett Razor, off the battlefield, with the other assassin following after.

There's still the matter of the monster though. The monster that's been seen around the countryside that was being investigated by the witches. The monster attacking the White Spire before the party and Jett Razor ever got inside the building. And the monster that was successfully battering down the wooden door that resulted in a series of events the blew out the floor beneath them. That monster is tunneling through the rubble towards their direction.

A large rock gets pushed out of the way and head emerges from the rock. With a face that Aludra recognizes. It's not a pretty face. It's the face of a man long dead, with the head severed from the body and stored in a refrigeration unit. It's the face of Thokas. But when it opens its mouth and in one of the friendliest voices you've ever heard it say, "Oh, hey guys! What's up!" It's the voice of Steve Meloncamp.


  • Nika is scary when she's angry, and Bachmann felt the full wrath of that anger.
  • "Next time you tell me I can't have a cloak... I'm going to... fucking lose my goddamned mind." - Tim Lanning, reacting to the reappearance of Steve Meloncamp.
  • Jett Razor was trying to lure the party into a trap. Attack the party in strength in a room that wouldn't allow them to teleport away. The appearance of Steve foiled the plan.
  • Jett Razor was trying to get King Titus Harper killed, and was able to play a role in his death while keeping cover.

Inventory Updates

  • +A book on various Yanghar based plants. How to Greet People in 46 Different languages. And a children's book on not being rude.
  • +Some scrolls of Flying, Arcane Eye, Locate Creature, and perhaps a scroll to allow them to talk to donkeys.
  • +Some healing potions, acid, climbing, and a Potion of Resistance
  • -1 Jett Razor

Quest Log Updates

  • [Complete] - Discovered the leader of the Nareevians
  • [NEW] - Find Jett Razor.
  • [NEW] - Steve!? WTF!!


  • Recap - (Not actually a rolls. Bachmann the betrayer does the recap.)
    • Bachmann - 3
    • Jennifer - 2
    • Tim - 2
    • Nika - 2

  • Toby - 15 for Conctration vs Falling midair after the explosion
    • Success - maintains concentration

...Combat Continues...

  • Initiative vs Jett Razor and two of the Animal Mask Assassins
    • Cat Mask Assassin - 19+
    • Jett - 16 + 2
    • Jaela - 17 + 1
    • Aludra - 17 + 0
    • Toby - 12
    • Bat Mask Assassin - 12-

...Round 1 Continued...

  • Bat Mask Assassin
    • Gives potion to Jett

Round 2

  • Cat Mask Assassin vs Toby
    • Melee - 16 vs AC
      • Miss -
    • (Unknown) - The eyes of his mask flash red as he stares at Toby vs 16 Wisdom DC
      • Fails - 13 & 23 advantage - Quit looking at me Kitty Cat!
  • Jet Razor vs Jaela
    • Heat Metal (at 6th level)
      • 43 damage (fire) - Disadvantage on attack... which cancels out her Advantage so normal rolls.
    • Bardic Inspiration to Bat Mask Assassin - Inspire
    • Goos into the rubble
  • Jaela vs Jett Razor
    • Intimidation Check - Nat20 - Just like you Jett, to run away when things get hard, and leave everyone behind like the traitor and coward you are. Come out and fight us or why don't you just go and find your worthless and B-level music career.
    • Heals self
  • Cat Mask Assassin (opportunity attack) vs Jaela
    • Melee - (unknown) - How dare you besmirch our glorious leader!
      • Fails horribly
  • Aludra
    • Wind Wall - Shaped in a swirl
      • Hits - DM rolled - Goo and pebbles and debris and probably something personal to Toby is flung up into the air
  • Toby vs Jett Razor
    • Jett I can't believe you did this! And spits!
    • Watery Sphere 18 DC vs Strength
      • Fails - Jett is restrained and floating 10 feet into the air, engulfed in the sphere. His attacks get disadvantage and their attacks gain advantage against him.
  • Bat Mask Assassin (opportunity attack) vs Aludra
    • Melee with a hatchet - 28
      • Hits - 8 damage (slashing) and 10 damage (necrotic)
  • Bat Mask Assassin
    • Melee - 14
      • Miss - Aludra parries the attack with her hammer.

Round 3

  • Cat Mask Assassin vs Jaela
    • Melee - 19 with disadvantage
      • Hits = 14 damage (bludgeoning) and 21 damage (necrotic) and max hit points -10.
  • Jett Razor
    • Heat Metal - Concentration Check
      • 19 - Concentration holds
      • Bonus action, Heat Metal damage to Jaela - 38 damage
    • Sleep (at 5th level)
    • Toby interrupts
      • Counterspell - Counterspell! Eat my butt! Who's punching a brigand now! Idiot!
    • Watery Sphere Check - Nat20
      • Succeeds - Ejected towards the party
  • Jaela vs Jett
    • Dashes towards Jett.
      • She gets right up in his face.
      • Wisdom DC - Jett 19 - He passes
  • Cat Mask Assassin (opportunity attack) (unknown)
    • Misses
  • Bat Mask Assassin (opportunity attack) - 23 with disadvantage
    • Hits - 10 damage (bludgeoning)
  • Aludra
  • Toby
    • Split(?) - Teleports 30 feet towards Aludra and Jaela and then moves - Don'tLeaveMe! Don'tLeaveme!
    • Hey Jett! You like to get wet? You like the Beach? - Watery Sphere - Strength DC vs Strength
      • Fails - Nat20 - Pushed instead of engulfed
  • Bat Mask Assassin
    • Goos between everyone - I want an unsatisfying ending!!!!! And goos both himself and Jett into the ground. Cat follows as well.

Combat Ends