Episode 206 - Regicide & Other Crimes

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Aludra and Dark Jaela
"Listen, you regard Thom as your greatest hero, correct? Do you know that... do you know that when Thom knew that he was going to die, before he sacrificed himself for the entire kingdom... do you know what his last act was? It was transfer me into this... into this meat ship, so that I could live on. His last act before sacrificing himself was to save me. And.. I just.. I- I gotta feel that he did that I could be worth something, you know? So that I could... so that I could go on an- an- and I could make something of myself. He didn't- He wouldn't have done that if he didn't think that I was worth it. And if you think he's worth it... then I gotta ask you to believe in me too, when I say that Aludra did nothing wrong." ~ Steve the Gnoll


Episode 206 - Regicide & Other Crimes

Court is in session! The cast pull off a trial episode with the party accused of the death of King Titus Harper with Queen Ashayara Dayne presiding. In classic trial episode fashion, information is revealed during the trial that reveals a much larger plot going on, and dots are connected. Galanthis is shrinking, and now we know why. It's the magical energy from Galanthis that is being channeled through the White Spire of Glaine, the Jewel of the East, that is keeping Nareev afloat. With the truth revealed, every one now knows who the true enemy is.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters




Queen Ashayara Dayne accuses Aludra, Jaela, and the whole party of the murder of King Titus Harper and intentionally abandoning the quest to save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthis. Aludra denies both charges, and claims that while she was with Harper when he died, it was just one of those situations where everything went wrong. Ashayara Dayne questions if things maybe didn't go exactly as planned, and that's why she's called the armies of Deephome to form up outside of Pelor's Hope. Aludra claims ignorance to that as well, and Ashayara Dayne explains that Deephome ousted her representative on the Council of Six Hammers as soon as she demanded Aludra be handed over, and Steve can't help but butt in and say that of course her people would come to her aid.

Aludra then brings up the issue of the children, Bucky and Toby. Neither were even present when Harper died, and should not even be a part of this trial. Ashayara Dayne calls forth Erynn Colleen to the stand, who has very clearly been beaten, and he unconvincingly testifies that they were the ones that killed Harper. A grieving Ashayara Dayne cries out that her husband is dead, and that her children will never have a father, and Aludra once more denies the claim, and Ashayara Dayne asks what proof they have, and Steve decides to take the stand.

During Steve's plea to the jury, he mentions knowing Harper very well, and Ashayara Dayne halts him to explain himself because Harper had never mentioned traveling with a meat monster. Steve references the golden statue of Thom the Dragonborn that stands right outside the building and tells him that he is that Steve. The Steve that inhabited and traveled with Thom, and was a integral part of the party that saved the world from the Demon Apocalypse. He reveals to the court that giving Steve his own body was the last act he performed before sacrificing himself to save the world. Steve is able to convince her of his identity, and pleads with her to believe him when he says that Aludra and Jaela are innocent of Harper's murder. Ashayara Dayne says that he has made his point and asks if there is anyone else to they wish to call to the stand.

Toby requests that his master Xharlion Zumstina, who as far as he knew should still be in Pelor's Hope, be called to the stand. Whatever Toby was initially going to ask of his master, he is immediately brought off on a tangent and starts spilling everything he knows about the White Spire of Glaine, the Jewel of the East, Nareev, and how many people in the White Spire have been replaced, including Corneilus Talionis who is being replaced by a Nareevian named Terth Bakhnug. He tells them about their role behind the murder of Baldur Oakback and the attempt on Harper. Toby pleads with Master Xharlion to ask Archmage Watson Copperfield to contact the White Spire of Glaine, the Jewel of the East, and he'll see that the sending network is down, and if he can get there he will see all the damage that's been done and see how they try to deny it.

This is important enough news, and Xharlion assures him that the archmage can contact Glaine, the Jewel of the East, even without the sending network, that he requests recess so Watson Copperfield can be summoned to the trial. When Watson Copperfield arrives and takes the stand, he uses a device which project a hologram onto a crystal and a person responds who appears to be Archmage Cornelius Talionis. After the two gnomes greet each other, Watson Copperfield says he just has one question he needs to be answered. What was the song that Cornleius Talionis sang to Watson Copperfield on his thirty-second birthday. Talionis responds that he sang, "Happy Birthday." Watsom Copperfield thanks him for his time, and cuts off the connection, and then tells everyone that the man posing as Cornelius Talionis is an impostor. He hates "Happy Birthday."

With some corroboration to their story, together they piece together that Toby first saw some magical aberrations two years ago when he was still designing his RAD, and he informed Master Xharlionx, who then reported the findings to Archmage Cornelius Talionis. That's when he was transferred out to Pelor's Hope. Further discussion leads to the revelation that issues with Glaine, the Jewel of the East and the problem with the Galanthis are tied. Magical energy is being drained from Galanthis, being channeled through the White Spire in Glaine, the Jewel of the East, and then being used by the Nareevians to keep their city afloat.

Realizing they all have a common foe of unknown strength. Ashayara Dayne agrees to drop all charges and Aludra pledges Deephome's support in helping to save Glaine, the Jewel of the East. Watson Copperfield asks Toby to join him in the library so they can do some research and figure out how to free the White Spire from the invasion that's already taken place within.


  • Xharlion initially lost his voice because Michael DiMauro didn't want to have to talk to himself as Ashayara Dayne and Xharlion at the same time.
  • There was a Goblin Uprising in the year -4. The White Spire had intended to address the goblin issue in Yangahr, but their actions instead provoked the uprising which resulted in huge swathes of Yangahr to be burned down in a goblin bloodfeud.
  • Ashayara Dayne and Jaela will not be spending any time together, despite being cleared of charges. She senses murder in her eyes.

Inventory Updates

  • -All charges against the party

Quest Log Updates

  • [Complete] - Clear Aludra and Jaela's Name in Pelor's Hope
  • [Active] - Curse of the Raven Queen
  • [Active] - Gather Allies to fight back the Nareevian threat.
  • [Active] - Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthis


  • Recap
    • Bachmann - Nat1 - Reverse Bapped!
    • Tim - 14
    • Jennifer - 13
    • Nika - 9

  • Aludra - Persuasion Check to convince Toby and Bucky shouldn't be part of this trial
    • 16&(?) (with Advantage) - I take your point Aludra, but I'm not too sure. I don't know what this gnome was doing with you. How he was aiding you.

  • Steve - Persuasion Check to convince Ashayara Dayne of his identity
    • 17 - She is open to the possibility that Steve is who he says he is.

  • Toby - Arcana Check as he considers what the White Spires role is in powering Nareev
    • 5+10 - He realizes that the White Spire is only a conduit for the magic holding up Nareev

  • Aludra - Persuasion Check to convince Ashayara Dayne of her sincerity to help with Galanthis
    • 19&18 (with Advantage) - Alright, I will do what I can to aid you, if you can save my homeland.