Episode 21 - The Destination

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Episode Stats

Season 4 Episode 21

Title: The Destination

Air Date: 9/22/16

Length: 00:48

Swear Jar Count: No count this episode

Next Episode: Episode 22 - Bisected

Previous Episode: Episode 20 - Keep It Together

From the Website

Learning the power of their new vehicle, Leonard, Frank and Tess continue heading to New Orleans. Roadblocks, strangers and the boxes keep them occupied on the trip, but can anything stop them from reaching their destination?

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Season 4 cover art by Kym Stonick.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and friends…

Tess, who is in Evie's body, and Frank try to find useful lost things. Meanwhile, Leonard finds out that the ice cream truck can drive itself and heads into the back. The group discusses the mirrored boxes and Leonard tells Tess that one leads to Jack Thompson, who she appears to recognize. Suddenly the truck stops just a few feet short of a large cliff. After consulting an atlas, they find that there should have been a large bridge here.

A twig snaps and the group reels around to see Frank's body approaching. A strange voice comes out of it and the man asks if Leonard killed his daughter. He lunges forward, but Leonard bats his hand away with his pick axe. Suddenly the man transforms into a ball of snakes and slithers away.

After starting towards New Orleans again, the group hears a thump from a box. Leonard opens the box and a huge wave of water shoots out nearly filling the truck. A tentacle comes out and grabs Tess and pulls her inside.

Soon afterwards, the truck stops in front of a large house with a mailbox that reads "The Rising Sun." A man in a wheelchair comes out to the truck and Leonard steps out to meet him. After confirming the man, Nigel, is the owner of the house, Leonard grabs his pick axe and starts threatening him.

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