Episode 222 - Plan C.5

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Steve, Aludra, Toby, and Jaela
"The yoke's not on you, you silly gnome!" ~ Eleanor Morningfall


Episode 222 - Plan C.5

With the planning phase behind us, it is now time to get down to business. But, we have some time to kill so we attempt to give the entire town depression. A heroes work is never done.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



The time is no late afternoon/early evening. Tug and Eleanor are there with the Ätlän-tã Fælcons and they discuss breaking out the dragon Yazdir Dosh. She has on a magical yoke that prevents all magic from happening to/around it. Eleanor know that there is a key, but it is being guarded by the Elite Trox. Steve remembers (even though it was Toby that read the book) that there was an entry on the Trox in the book that mentioned Nareev and Soloni, all the way back in Episode 207 - Tea Time. The Trox serve as the elite guard of Nareev. They are huge, 7-8 feet tall, and nearly as wide. They never speak, sleep, or eat, and they all have the same monster mask on. Their backs are covered in quills. There are many of them, but the only one they need concern themselves with is the one that is assigned to guard Yazdir's cage, it will have the key on it. Toby seems a bit too excited to fight the Trox, and Jaela comments that he is being corrupted by the group, the way that Steve was corrupted by Thom. At the mention of Thom, Steve gets sad and reminiscent, talking about how he wants to kiss Thom. Toby says that he would kiss Steve, so they do.

They decide to wait until night to fight the Trox, as there will be no one else around. They consider what they could do in the meantime. Toby decides to make a potion that will make all the Nareevians lethargic and depressed, with no will to fight. There is a central fountain that it is tradition for all the Nareevians to drink out of before nightfall, but they will need a way to get the poison into it. Steve creates a small device out of one of his many dead birds that will dip into the water fountain, like one of those dipping birds, you know? As Tug is placing this dead bird device, Toby distracts everyone else around by juggling fire balls. A Nareevian with Tug's Jimmy Stewart-like voice approaches and makes idle chit chat with Tug, who encourages him to drink some water, which he does. He immediately drains of all energy and goes home tom "think about killing himself."

Eleanor suggests they go back to her safe-house (by the way she has a safe-house) for a long rest before they fight the Trox. They agree so they do that. They meet two more Re-birthers, Soren and Young Man Keith. Y.M.K. who is 73. During the night, Jaela talks with Soren and the two bond over similar experiences. He believes in Eleanor's plan. Toby grows less sure that Eleanor and the Birthers are crazy. In the middle of the night, they wake and head out to fight a Trox! (They awaken with sand in their pants, but we won't find out why until later) As they make their way through the city, they can hear weeping and sounds of anguish through the Nareevian windows. They argue about the taste of dragon meat, as they approach their dragon friend's cage. There, they see the Trox!


  • Dragons have a human form confirmed

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 11
    • Jennifer - 5
    • Tim - 12
    • Bachmann - 18

  • They all roll History to see if they know anything about the Trox
    • Toby - 14
    • Jaela - 19
    • Bachmann - Nat20

  • Steve rolls Investigate while tongue kissing Toby, the young gnome child
    • 19

  • Toby rolls Arcana to create the lethargy potion
    • 28 - Success

  • Steve rolls Nature to create the poison dipping dead bird device
    • 25 - Success

  • Tug rolls Slight of Hand to place the poison dipping dead bird device in the fountain
    • 21 - Success

  • Toby rolls Insight to see if the Re-Birthers are true in their faith
    • 18 - He is less sure than he was that they are crazy

  • Toby rolls Arcana to see if their idea is possible or crazy
    • Nat1 - it could probably work...