Episode 227 - We All Fall Down

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Episode 227 - We All Fall Down

Oops. Looks like we really need to grab those items that our good friend whats her name mentioned. The whole “Bringing back Soloni” thing made us more or less not trust all of her ideas. That is on us. But we have to move fast if we want to save Glaine, the Jewel of the East! Hopefully there aren’t many hindrances between us and that book and hat!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Once Toby touched the Globe of Navigation, the whole thing turned red, and a loud siren began blaring. Also, the whole of Nareev began to fall straight to the planet below. Eleanor, hoping that the fall would awaken Soloni to save them all, is saddened to realize that is doesn't seem to have worked. She opens a panel on the floor, so that they can see underneath of them, and indeed, they are falling to Glaine, the Jewel of the East. They are not falling at regular gravitational speed, but slightly slower, though they will still hit and crash into the ground in 1 hour. It would seem that Toby moving the city away from being directly above the White Spire is what caused the magic keeping it afloat to stop. Does this mean that Galanthus is no longer shrinking? We don't know.

Toby cannot use the Globe again to move them back into place, as it seems to have locked up. Eleanor thinks that they can fix it, though, if they go to the library to get the Tome of Knowledge. She runs off and the Ätlän-tã Fælcons follow her. Steve suggests they destroy Nareev, so that the crashing debris will be less damaging than the whole city. Toby expresses his concern over the fact that his parents are down in Glaine and he has no way of telling them to leave. (Why they didn't communicate this idea when they were still down there in Toby's home is beyond me.)

They get to the library, and find the Tome of Knowledge easily. Around the library there are these "weird, gelatinous piles of glob" that are dissolving through the books. Eleanor refers to them as "The Cross-breeds". There is a large hole in the wall, and one of the glob things is currently 5 ft away from the Tome of Knowledge. Eleanor explains: "When Nareev first came here, we did some experiments. We tried to see if we could breed with you terrestrials. And this abomination is the result." Jaela suggests that she give Toby her boots and cast Haste on him, and he go gets the tome whilst she and the rest take care of the goo boys. Toby wants to make a large test tube around the book using Shadowfell magic to keep the goo boys away from it. As he does this and is flying toward the book, Aludra does crazy amounts of lightning damage, only to discover that these things are immune to lighting and multiply when they get hit with it! Things are looking grim for the Ätlän-tã Fælcons. They manage to get the book and kill the slimes (most of them anyway, one is currently trapped in Toby's magic test tube donut thing)! Anyway, Toby reads the book and it says...

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Save Glaine, the Jewel of the East
  • [Active] - Curse of the Raven Queen
  • [Active] - Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthus


  • Recap
    • Jennifer - 14
    • Tim - Nat1 - Reverse Bapped
    • Nika - 6
    • Bachmann - 14

  • They all roll Intelligence to see how fast they are falling.
    • Toby - 14
    • Steve - Nat1
    • Aludra - 8
    • Jaela - 8
      • It will be about an hour before they crash into Glaine.

  • Toby rolls Arcana to try to use the Globe again to put the city back in its place
    • 25 - It seems to have locked up

  • Toby rolls an Intelligence to see if he knows anything about the globs in the library with advantage, since he knows so much about libraries
    • 9 - He is not sure.

Combat Begins to get the Tome of Knowledge

  • Initiative
    • Toby - Nat20+2
    • Aludra - 20
    • Steve - 3 (mod of 2)
    • Jaela - 3 (mod of 1)

Round One

  • Toby
    • Casts Major Image on the Tome to make a large test tube around it
    • Moves 10 ft forward, gesturing for Jaela to give him the boots

  • Aludra
    • Casts Wind Wall on three nearest goo bois, requiring STR saving throws
      • One makes the save, but the other two fail - 7, 14, 14 damage

  • One of the Cross-breeds engulfs Toby's test tube

  • A goo in front of Aludra
    • Melee Attack (Punch) - Nat20
      • Hit - 8 bludgeoning damage, and 25 points of acid damage

  • Steve
    • Throws a vial of Alchemical Fire requiring DEX saving throw - Nat1
      • Fail - 25 fire damage
    • Designates Aludra's goo boy as a target. If it moves closer to Steve, he can take a reaction.

  • Jaela
    • Casts Haste on Toby
    • Moves to Aludra

  • Another goo moves toward Jaela and Aludra

Round Two

  • Toby
    • Gets the Boots from Jaela, moves to be floating 10 ft above the book

  • Aludra
    • Crackle at 2nd level on two of the goo boys, requiring DEX saving throws
      • Both fail - 46 lightning damage, but they are immune to lightning damage! And they split in half when hit by lightning!! There are now 4 where once there were two.

  • 2 goos attack Aludra - 19, 20
    • Miss, Miss

  • 2 more goos attack Jaela - 10, 17
    • Miss, Miss

  • The goo eating the test tube tries to eat into it, but fails

  • Steve
    • Throws Alchemical Fire between three of the goos, requiring DC 17 DEX saving throw -
    • One succeeds, two do not - 15 fire damage

  • Jaela
    • Slashes it with the halberd as a scientific experiment to see if it works - 19
    • Hit - immune to slashing damage, but takes 7 radiant damage

Now there are two small slimes, two medium slimes, and two large slimes, six in total

  • One moves forward

Round Three

  • Toby
    • changes the test tube around the tome to morph around the slime currently trying to dissolve it
    • Grabs the book, moves back to the rest of them

  • Aludra vs the two medium goos
    • Frigid Gale at level 2, requiring CON saving throws - ??
      • One succeeds and one fails - 1 takes 5 cold damage (and its speed is halved) and the other takes 2 cold damage

  • Goo vs Aludra
    • Attacks - 20, 16
      • Miss, Miss

  • Three goos vs Jaela w/ disadvantage
    • Attack with disadvantage - 16, 20, 12
    • Miss, Hit, Miss - 6 bludgeoning damage and 18 acid damage

  • Steve
    • Throws more Alchemical Fire at three goos, requiring DC 17 DEX saving throw -
      • Fail, Fail, Fail - 26 fire damage - killing both medium goos

  • Jaela
    • Melee Attack (Halberd with Radiant Damage) (x2) - 28
      • Hit, Hit - 29 radiant damage for one, 7 for another - kills both small goos

  • Large goo
    • Melee Attack on Aludra - 11
      • Miss

Round Four

  • Toby
    • Lands and begins reading the Tome of Knowledge

  • Aludra
    • Hammer (x2) - 22, 25
      • Hit, Hit - 9+8 bludgeoning damage

  • Steve
    • Throws more Alchemical Fire at the goos, requiring DC 17 DEX saving throw - 2
      • Fail - 24 fire damage - kills it