Episode 230 - Shrine Time

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Steve, holding, from left to right: Jaela, Toby, and Aludra
"You, you know, uh, you know, I.. I.., you look like a, like a pretty, uh, pretty strong guy, I wouldn't... I'd hate ta... I'd hate to get in the way of wherever you're going! Uh, you know, we were just coming to make sure that the, uh, the Temple got unblocked, and it looks like it is, uh... But you know, I, I... You seem like a guy that would come across a lot of bones. I'm a, I'm a, uh, you know, a bone man myself, and, uh, if I, uh... IIIf you could see fit ta, ta, ta, take me along wherever you're going, I think we could, uh, you know, we could, we could be mutually beneficial." ~ Tug the Kobold


Episode 230 - Shrine Time

Time to split the party to see how the gang handles challenges by themselves. Each member of our team, plus Tug and Eleanor, must pull their weight and not goof up or else all of Glaine, the Jewel of the East, could die! Plus, surely Jett knows his former friends are probably up to something weird, which gives him plenty of time to prepare for us. This all seems like a bad idea…

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Everyone runs off in their own direction to different temples. Jaela to the Headsman, Steve to the Hunter, Toby the Child, Aludra the Wayfarer, and Tug and Eleanor go off together to the Bard.

Tug and Eleanor (The Bard)

They ride down Cottonwood Lane, toward the Temple of the Bard. Tug is nervous around her, ad tries to flirt. As they are approaching the Temple, a strange yellow light bursts forth, and they continue to ride to check it out, Eleanor thinks this means it has been unblocked. Once they get to the Temple, Jett Razor comes out! He is holding a strange magical glowing lute. It seems that Jett knows that each Temple has a powerful magical item in it, and he wants these for himself, so he has decided to head the Ätlän-tã Fælcons off at the pass to acquire them for himself. Jett begins to play the lute and Eleanor suddenly gets a glassy look in her eyes and she pushes Tug off the horse. She then rides off the side of Nareev, presumably to her death below. Tug, facing certain death at the hands of Jett Razor, offers to join up with him. Jett agrees to take Tug along with him.

Toby (The Child)

Toby is riding down Sequoia Lane, and sees a yellow light shoot up prematurely from the Bard Temple. Soloni's voice in his head tells him to remember what the Child is all about: innocence and trust. He gets to his own and sees in front a statue of what looks to be Soloni as a young child. There are toys and offering scattered around it, so Toby leaves an artificer's toy dragon before it. Right in front of the statue is a large hole that goes straight through Nareev, and Toby can see Glaine coming up on the city. Toby Detects Magic and senses magic all over the place, and that the hole is illusion magic. Soloni's voice says "The Trust of a child". Toby by does Arcana and sees that the hole is not what is seems to be. He jumps into the hole, and feels for a moment that he is falling, but lands on the clouds, in front of the statue. A white light bursts out from the shrine. Laying in front of Toby, is a white cloak. He picks it up with his Mage Hand, and knows that it is a powerful magic one-time use cloak that can instantly bring someone back from the dead!

Jaela (The Headsman)

Jaela is riding down Sycamore Lane as she sees the yellow light rise above the Bard's Temple, and she contemplates going over there, thinking she will find Jett. She does not, and continues toward the black temple. Soloni's voice tell her "If you've a just life, you've nothing to fear from the headsman's axe." She gets to the temple and sees balance scales in front of a black statue of a goth punk version of Soloni. He is holding a giant axe above a headsman's block, and Jaela figures she has to put her head on the block, under the axe. She nervously does this, and feels, just for a second, a searing pain in her neck. But this passes and when she opens her eyes, she sees a dark light, more purple than black, shooting into the sky above the temple. In front of her is the headsman's axe. She takes it and learns that it is a very powerful one time use magical item. It attacks with advantage, and if she hits, it instantly kills the enemy!

Aludra (The Wayfarer)

Aludra is riding down Palmetto Drive, when she sees the yellow light come from the Bard's Temple. She ignores it for now and gets to her own temple, which has a set of large doors. She goes inside and sees a hallway 100 ft long, and there is no ceiling above, just a Hogwarts Great Hall sort of thing, with stars in the sky. She heads in and gets halfway through the hallway before she suddenly stops making progress on the door. As she is walking forward, the door is not getting any closer to her. She throws a javelin at the door, and it makes it and sticks to the door. She throws another one up to the sky ceiling, and it just goes up and comes right back down. She casts Jump, and leaps forward 60 ft., but again, makes no progress. Trying to go back to the front door, it also doesn't come any closer. She hears the voice of Soloni telling her "The Wayfarers of old navigated by the stars." She looks up, and find the North Star (well, A north star) above and behind her. When she turns to look at it, the stars all turn with her. She can't walk toward the star. Soloni, presumably growing impatient, tells her to "Go toward the North Star." She turns toward the front door she came in, and begins walking backward, and the door behind her is finally getting closer! Weirdly, when she walks through the door, she is back outside where she came from, but there is now a blue light shooting up into the sky. She heads back toward the temple (and Michael forgets to give her her powerful magical item).

Steve (The Hunter)

Steve is riding atop Jerry down Sargentina Crabapple Road, and sees the yellow light from the Bard. Soloni's voice tells him "This is less of a puzzle, and more of a you need to eat the heart of a Nareevian boar." A sees a shrine with the statue of a hunter and another of a boar. Steve attacks the boar statue with a crowbar he has, but it just clanks off the boar which attacks! Steve burns it with Alchemical fire and it smells like real burning boar. He carves into the boar and removes the heart. He cooks it, because he is no monster, and as he eats it, a red light shoots up from the temple, and he sees a net appear in front of him. He picks it up and learns that it is a very powerful single use magical item. It is a net that can instantly catch anything.

After they all meet up again, Aludra remembers that she got a very powerful one time use magical item: a Wayfarer's compass, which will instantly transport her and those around her anywhere they want to go. They all meet up at the temple, (minus Tug and Eleanor), and Jaela passes by them on her way to the Bard's Temple. Just as they are briefly discussing their events, Jett Razor arrives and says something pithy. Also, Tug is with him!


  • Michael forgot to give Aludra her magical boon, and the chat had to remind them.

Quest Log Updates

  • [New][Active] - Kill Jett Razor!
  • [Active] - Save Glaine, the Jewel of the East
  • [Active] - Save the shrinking high elf city of Galanthus
  • [Active] - Curse of the Raven Queen


  • Recap
    • Tim - 14
    • Jennifer - 19
    • Bachmann - 3
    • Nika - Nat1

  • Tug rolls Persuasion to get Jett Razor to let him join him
    • 16 - Bachmann plays both characters, so it just works

  • Toby rolls Arcana to know anything about the hole before the shrine
    • 17 - It's magical and it is not what it appears to be

  • Steve Melee Attacks the boar statue
    • Nat1 - Hits it, but it turns and attacks him

Combat Begins vs Boar

  • 'Initiative
    • Steve - 15
    • Boar

Round One

  • Steve vs Boar
    • Throws Alchemical Fire at the boar - 19
      • Hit - kills it

Combat Ends