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*Jaela has done finger guns a few times now, and rarely, if ever (except in this episode), is she called out on the fact that there are no guns in this world.
*Jaela has done finger guns a few times now, and rarely, if ever (except in this episode), is she called out on the fact that there are no guns in this world.
*[[Toby 2]] brushes Toby 1's hair nightly.
*[[Toby 2]] brushes Toby 1's hair nightly.
*During this episode, Steve is hand writing, in beautiful calligraphy, a large book, entitled ''"Quest Log ~ Forward by [[Thom the Dragonborn]]"''.
*During this episode, Steve is hand writing, in beautiful calligraphy, a large book, entitled ''"Quest Log ~ Foreward by [[Thom the Dragonborn]]"''.
== '''Quest Log Updates'''==
== '''Quest Log Updates'''==

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"Yes! A quest, for Denton!" ~ Denton


Episode 238 - For the Kids

Having defeated the army of the dead, the gang starts to learn more about this strange, unfortunate town. As things often go, the plight of the town is summed up by one scared girl asking to find her brother. We are heroes. We are the light in the darkness. We will find this child. Probably. Hopefully it doesn’t take to long since the zombies will probably come back the next night. Being a hero sucks.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



After the immediate threat with the zombies last episode dies down, the Ätlän-tã Fælcons head back into the small town in need of rest and a stiff drink. Rowan convinces Toby to stay at a local tavern, instead of staying on their airship, the Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (they later decide to do exactly that). On the way in, Jaela once again hears the sound of a crying child, and leaves the others to go investigate. The child screams, and Jaela covers its mouth to silence it. The child, cries that he brother is missing, and she is scared of all the monsters. Jaela gets some information from the child, including the name of her brother, Teddy, and that their father is an angry alcoholic, but not what her name is. She picks up the child, not knowing how to interact with her, and takes her into the bar. The rest of them are flabbergasted, and don't know what to make of her.

It is then that Merwin Battleshield, the Dwarven lady running the tavern, approaches and seems to know the child. She names her Betsy, and says she should be at home with her da'. Rowan pays an extra copper for the Betsy's meal, and Toby pretends to pay her back using Minor Illusion. Toby makes a drink for Jaela made from soured ale, some of Steve's mouth water, some sawdust, a bit of chicken blood, and imbued with a little bit of electricity. It is called the King Harper, in honor of their fallen comrade. Rowan tells them that her sister is still pissed about Harper's death.

Denton Glenchester, who is apparently also there, doesn't think they should concern themselves with the child, but he is reprimanded by Jaela and Rowan. They talk about gods, and how some of them (Toby) isn't one for believing in/caring about them, and Denton throws mad shade at them for their non-belief. Rowan asks why he is even here when he's so judgemental all the time, to which he responds with how great he thinks she is, muttering that he loves her. Rowan denies this, claiming that the only person Denton has ever loved was Sofina Gadreel, his old teacher. He accepts this, saying that he is on a mission to find her. Her last mission, the last time she was seen, was to go to the Crypt of Sinu the Red, and destroy him, a few years ago.

Steve decides to make food for everyone, and hops the counter in the bar, with no regard to Merwin. He finds some neeps and butter, and sautees up some nice bread crust with a little bit of a gruel and lemon zest garnish to go on it. There are tons of shriveled carrots, too. Meanwhile, Betsy has fallen asleep as it is late, and everyone keeps forgetting about her. This gives the rest of them the idea to also go to bed, since they are all extremely tired. The decision is made to sleep on the ship, bringing the child, Rowan, and Denton with them, and as they discuss, a woman's voice outside begins calling for Betsy. Jaela tells Denton to wait with Betsy while they go investigate.

Outside is a young woman, Katrina, calling for her younger sister, Betsy. She asks if they are with the wizard who came through a week ago. She won't answer any questions, until she knows where her sister is, but Jaela doesn't want to let her go without some answers, so she tries to stop her. Rowan calms her down, and points Betsy out through the un-named tavern's window. Katrina relaxes and answers their questions about the wizard. She explains that he was named Nictis Cross, claiming to be a salesman, with various potions and tinctures. It seems that he sold them bad goods, and made off with a lot of their money. She never bought any potions, as her father didn't allow them to speak to Cross. The Fælcons assure her that they are not with him, and theorize that he is involved in Teddy's disappearance, as he went missing the day after the Tarry Hollow-ians ran Cross off. And it was only four days after that that the town began to be attacked by the undead horde. They invite Katrina to sleep on their airship for the night for some reason, which she declines. She takes Betsy back home to the butchery.

Rowan and Denton accompany the Fælcons back to their airship, where she receives the grand tour. They use the griffons to fly up. Toby and Steve fly up together, so Denton can use Toby's. Rowan and Jaela ride on Princess Ivy Bluemoon. Rowan is impressed by the ship, especially the nude Aludra masthead. They sleep and the next morning, they all fly back down to meet Katrina at the tavern. She tells them she is the teacher at the local school, so she can't speak long. She explains that Nictis Cross, when he was running out of town, exclaimed that someone would something something something "...rue the day...". Toby 2 writes that down. He ran West, out of Tarry Hollow. She also explains that the day Teddy went missing, he had breakfast with his family, went out to play with some friends, was supposed to show up at school that morning, but never did. Toby recruits the family's dog, who's name is Dog, to sniff out Teddy, using one of Teddy's toys. He sniffs around to the playground, and then off to the west, the direction the wizard ran off to. He stops at the edge of the town, seeming to loose the scent. Denton wonders if Teddy is related to the lich in some way, and Toby notices that Teddy's footprints seem to peter off at the edge of town...


  • Steve once again states he can't eat or drink.
  • Jaela needs to pump milk every three weeks.
  • Jennifer Cheek maintains that the only part of a ship that is good is the poop deck. This is accurate.
  • Toby now has Xanathar's Guide to Everything.
  • Toby thinks Harper was a great guy and misses and loves him, despite never having met him.
  • Queen Ashayara Dayne is still upset with the Ätlän-tã Fælcons at the death of her husband Titus Harper.
  • Part of the reason Rowan ran off to adventure was because Ashayara Dayne would constantly be asking her to babysit her and Harper's many children.
  • The town of Tarry Hollow only has one butcher, Katrina, Betsy, and Teddy's father.
  • Tim Lanning has learned how to properly pronounce "Foc's'le", thank to reddit user Bobmystery, so now he won't stop saying, much to the dismay of Jennifer Cheek.
  • The Fælcons use their griffons to get onto/off of the D4C.
  • Toby hates having the grill in then ship, as it is dangerous, heavy, and takes up a lot of space. Jaela is adamant that Aludra will be back someday, so doesn't want to get rid of it.
  • Jaela has done finger guns a few times now, and rarely, if ever (except in this episode), is she called out on the fact that there are no guns in this world.
  • Toby 2 brushes Toby 1's hair nightly.
  • During this episode, Steve is hand writing, in beautiful calligraphy, a large book, entitled "Quest Log ~ Foreward by Thom the Dragonborn".

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 17
    • Tim - 5
    • Jennifer - 6
    • Bachmann - 12

  • Jaela rolls Perception to notice a child wimpering - 9
    • There is a wimpering by the side of the tavern.

  • Toby makes an Intelligence Check to make a brew for Jaela using his Alchemist Tools - 28
    • Success - He makes a Tiki Drink.

  • Rowan rolls Persuasion to try to calm Katrina down - 26
    • Success - she stops trying to leave.

  • Toby rolls Investigation to pick up on Teddy's trail - 1224
    • He notices that Teddy's footprints reach the edge of town, then peter off.