Episode 242 - Where Is That Boy!

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"You start to get the feeling that this is maybe a flavorful thing that will come up later, but, nothing else will really happen here, now." ~ Michael DiMauro, DM


Episode 242 - Where Is That Boy!

Putting on a magical robe doesn’t always transport you to a magical realm of oddities, but when it does, buddy you got yourself an adventure. With time running out, will our heroes be able to find the missing boy? Is the missing boy in the Astral Plane? Will Toby get his bean? Listen to find out!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

Tony Toby is in the Astral Plane, where it is a silvery sea, and above is the same as below. He sees a giant boulder looking thing that turns out to be a big face. It seems inanimate. Toby can't seem to move as he normally does, but he can move telepathically. He lands on the top of the rock-head-thing. He also takes notes using his Mage Hand. He is beginning to see pools of color far off in the distance, probably portals to different planes or whatnot. As Toby moves around, he feels as if the eyes are following him, but he can't see them moving. Toby feels as though this is being that is lost to time. Convinced it is sentient, he tries to wake it, or trick it into moving by tickling it's nose, talking to it, then Prestidigitizing a flurry of sparks in front of his eyes. None of this works. Feeling as though this is less than important, he decides to leave the plane using his new magic robe, making sure to sketch an image of the face.

Back in the Material Plane, he tells the rest of the Ätlän-tã Fælcons about his mini-adventure. Then they do their classic "deliberate for a while because they don't know what to do" thing. They DO take a short rest, though. There is a massive flash-forward, where they are able to wait in the cave until the horde of the undead returns to the city to attack, and they APPARENTLY are able to sneak up behind them and defeat them! The fight is like a Marvel movie, and it's awesome. After the battle, everyone goes back to the inn for a rest. Jaela has another mysterious dream...

In Jaela's nightmare, she is being chased by young children with goop all over their faces, and sharp fangs. Also, Aludra is marrying someone else. She (Jaela) runs away and enters a door. Inside, she sees the young boy again that she saw that one time (that we are assuming is Teddy Dozar), aboard the D4C. He says "You have to find me. It's the only way to free me." And then she wakes up.

They are all in one giant bed, including Denton. Toby is hungry and wants a single bean. They all have breakfast, after which Toby finds a note under his plate. It reads: "Meet me at the temple, I have information." They go to the Temple of Ioun, and meet again with Doc Habe. He tell them that Brahm Bones, who works at the constabulary, might have information on the missing Teddy. He tells them that he and some other townsfolk think Teddy is still in town, being hidden so that the wizard Nictis Cross doesn't find out about him and return. They decide to split up and go talk to Brahm.

Jaela, Rowan, and (reluctantly), Denton go to speak with Brahm, while Toby and Steve make bombs. Brahm is found asleep, so Rowan sneaks in and rattles some chains to scare him. She inadvertantly locks them in, however, and Jaela has to open it for them. Regardless, Rowan and Brahm hit it off, and they go off to talk at the inn. He says that this is no place for them here, and they should leave. Jaela very subtly asks about Teddy, and casts Zone of Truth. Brahm leaves immediatly. They decide to follow him.

Meanwhile, Toby, having just created bombs, figures he can leave them as landmines in preparation for the undead horde tonight. That's cool.

Rowan catches Brahm sneaking through a window, and chases after him. He is about to escape out of town, when he turns and sees Rowan chasing. Suddenly, his eyes rolls back and he begins to have a seizure. He dies! as the episode ends...


Toby is in the Astral Plane, and sees a giant boulder-face-thing. He returns to the Material Plane, and there is more planning done, and a short rest. Suddenly, we flash-forward to after the battle with the undead horde, which apparently goes really smoothly. Afterward, they all sleep in the same bed (Denton is there too) and in the morning, Toby gets a note from Doctor Habe and they meet him at the Temple of Ioun. He says Teddy is probably still in the town somewhere, and maybe Brahm Bones will have more information. Toby and Steve makes bombs for landmines for the undead horde that night, while Jaela and Rowan (and Denton) find and chase Brahm. He dies of unknown causes just before getting out of the town.


  • Steve doesn't need to sleep. In fact, only one of his heads actually rests
  • Toby invents coffee in this episode
  • Since Game Time is the Same as Real Time, and it takes 120 days to make an Iron Golem, Steve, starting now, would be able to make it by Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Inventory Updates

  • +BOMBS!!!

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Nika - 9
    • Baxchmann - 6
    • Tim - 6
    • Jennifer - 7

  • Toby does an Arcana check whilst in the Astral Plane - 28
    • Success - He remembers that he can't move in "traditional ways", but he can move with his mind!

  • Toby makes a History check on the boulder face - 27
    • Success - he feels like it is a being that is lost in history

  • Rowan rolls History to see if she can recognize the face - 23
    • She doesn't know

  • Rowan makes a Stealth check to sneak into Brahm's room - 16
    • Success - She sneaks in and spooks him

  • Rowan rolls Deception to butter up Brahm - 20
    • It works!

  • Rowan rolls Perception to detect Brahm escaping - Nat20
    • Success - She sees him sneaking out a window

  • Rowan rolls another Stealth to follow Brahm (with disadvantage, since she is running) - 15
    • Fail - She sees him, and seizes out.