Episode 266 - A Mailbag Episode!

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"I will not respond to what you're saying except for nod, githily." ~ Tim Lanning


Episode 266 - A Mailbag Episode!

Due the to busy or sick state of the cast this week we chose to lean into the weird and do another mailbag episode! Thank you to all the folks who wrote in, mainly on twitter, to ask us questions. We could have chatted for 13 hours but we knew we had to save some questions for the future.



NOTE: All name spelling should be taken with a grain of salt. I am mostly guessing, although I tried to find people on Twitter and what-not.

  • Question 1:
    • Tim Lanning asks: "What's the most boring crime that you can name your character after in Guild Wars 2?"
  • Question 3:
    • Thrifty Nerd asks: "When you designed Bananas Foster to die in one or two episodes, did you do it because you wanted your Dungeon Master to get almost daily Tweets telling him he is a piece of shit?"
      • Bachmann says yes! And also that Bananas was definitely always meant to die, he was a joke character, get over it.
  • Question 4:
    • Jane Rit asks: "If you could only play one DnD class for the rest of your life, what would it be?"
      • Tim: Wizard.
      • Nika: Tiefling Rogues.
      • Jennifer: Warlocks or other magic class.
      • Michael: Any magic class, probably a wizard.
      • Bachmann: "Wait, can we not multiclass?"
  • Question 5:
    • Turtle Oversight asks: "Did you ever expect the podcast to reach this point? What have you got planned for the future? Let it run its course? Keep growing?"
      • All: Hopefully keep growing.
      • Tim: The current idea is to keep the current campaign going, until they reach level 20, then they start over at level one again.
      • Michael: And, any start-over would most likely take place in the same world of Drunkeros, but perhaps in a different time.
  • Question 6:
    • Inga Doctor asks: "If you could have any improv/actor join as a permanent part of your game, who would it be, and why?"
      • Jennifer: Anyone from Comedy Bang! Bang! (Such as Lauren Lapkus, Paul F. Tompkins, James Adomian).
      • Nika: Chelsea Peretti, or Aubrey Plaza.
      • Bachmann: Tina Fey.
      • Tim: Andy Daly, or Scott Aukerman.
      • Bachmann: Kel Mitchell.
      • Michael: Richard Ayoade.
      • Jennifer: Taika Waititi.
      • Tim: Matthew Mercer, mostly to make Nika cry.
      • Bachmann: Nick Bakay.
  • Question 7:
    • Redacted Cannon asks: "Tim and Jennifer: What is your favorite Jojo?"
      • Jennifer: Josuke / Gyro Zeppeli.
      • Tim: Grandpa Jojo / Original Jojo.
    • Also asks: "Have you ever wanted to go back to fourth edition?"
      • Everyone: No.
      • Jennifer: Sometimes, the number-crunching, battle-plans were fun and interesting.
  • Question 8:
    • Pun-Slinger Maddy asks: "In Lahni's Ferret of Holding, does she have a full bar, or just elven wine?"
      • Nika: A full bar, probably.
  • Question 9:
    • Mark Bennet asks: "What is your wildest theory about the story?"
      • They've stopped trying to guess, because it's more fun that way.

The following questions were submitted by one Matthew M. Morris...

  • Question 10:
    • "What do the players like to do when the DM, Michael DiMauro, makes them take off their headphones?"
      • Jennifer: Checks Twitter.
      • Nika: Twitter or Instagram.
      • Tim: Twitter and Marvel Puzzlequest.
      • Bachmann: Prays to the gods that he doesn't have to put them back on.
  • Question 12:
    • "If you had to make sweet, sweet love to a dragon, what kind of dragon would you want to romance and go to the bone-zone with?"
      • Tim and Nika: Silver.
      • Jennifer: Also, Silver, because of Yazdir Dosh.
      • Bachmann: Choral, maybe a nice eggshell.
      • Michael: Red.
      • Nika: Black.
      • Bachmann / the chat: Blue-Eyes, White Dragon.
  • Question 13:
    • "Drunks and Dragons just got picked up for a 10-episode Netflix series. Congratulations! Who would you like to play your player characters on the show?"
      • Jennifer: Alia Shawkat for Rowan.
      • Bachmann: Horatio Sanz for Skud, or Bobby Moynihan.
      • Jennifer: Stephanie Beatriz for Nyx, but also Rowan, cause she has the range.
      • Michael: Sir Ian McKellen for Zird the Arcane.
      • Tim: Tim Lanning for Toby.
      • Jennifer: Samira Wiley for Rowan.
      • Tim: Tom Holland for Toby.
      • Michael: Mads Mikkelsen for Luccan.
      • Nika: Tara Reid for Lahni.
      • Tim: Jaime Pressly for Lahni.
      • Discordant Token: Tessa Thompson for Rowan
  • Question 14:
    • "Should I bring my homemade salsa to GeeklyCon?"
      • Michael: Yes.

End Matthew Morris questions

  • Question 15:
    • Zerrit asks: "What's the nicest thing a fan has ever said to you? What's the best present you've ever got? What makes you happy today?"
      • Michael: Anytime someone writes in with a nice email that is touching and sweet.
  • Question 16:
    • Mixergalingolional 93 asks: "When you look back on all that Drunks and Dragons/Geekly Inc has achieved, what is your favorite sandwich, and how many times has your favorite sandwich changed?"
      • Nika: A foot-long turkey sub from Subway, hasn't changed in over 20 years
      • Tim: Bologna, or peanut butter and jelly
      • Jennifer: Any sandwich Tim makes for her, or the chicken salad sandwich from Al's in Boston
      • Michael: A Reuben
      • Nika: A Lobster roll from J. B. Hook
      • Michael: Bon Me's
      • Bachmann: Formerly, the Italian at Panera, now, the Italian B.M.T. at Subway
  • Question 17:
    • Peg Leg Pete asks: "What is the most misunderstood thing about your characters, and who is your most misunderstood character?"
      • Tim: Original Titus Harper was meant to be unlikable. He was created as a foil for the crazy-ass Thom and the indecisive Aludra.
      • Jennifer: Aludra doesn't have a beard! Also, she likes more foods than just burritos and bacon
      • Bachmann: He wanted Jett to have a redemption arc, and re-introduce him as a character, before he was killed.
  • Question 18:
    • Spudcam asks: "Tell us about a time when you were the least prepared for one of your sessions. How did you manage? What advice would give other DMs facing the same situation?"
      • Michael: He tries to have larger, overall plans for the direction of the story, but tries to leave room for improvisation episode to episode. Also, during sessions where he hasn't prepared enough, he'll just ask the players question about stuff like, how are they feeling, does their character want to say anything for someone else, etc. to pad for time.
      • Jennifer: Sometimes, the tired, burnt out headspace is surprisingly conducive to RPing well.
      • Tim: For DMing Norhall, he doesn't have to prepare as much, since the players spend most of the time fighting themselves.
  • Question 19:
    • The BritBaker asks: "Where do you look for inspiration or motivation for your characters' backstory?"
      • Nika: She'll try to find an image for the character first, and/or will try to come up with the backstory, and that determines what the character will be. Sometimes she'll look to TV or movies or books for backstory.
      • Jennifer: She looks to TV and movies to see what characters she has liked recently, then tries to Frankenstein them into one RPG character.
      • Bachmann: He'll wait until the last minute, then find one ridiculous thing to latch on to.
  • Question 20:
    • Cake or XY asks: "If Glaine is the Jewel of the East, and Calsten is the Jewel of the West, are there Jewels of the North and South?"
      • Yes, and they need to go explore for them.
    • Also asks: "Why do Tim's characters all start with the letter T?"
      • It kind of happened naturally. His first DnD character's name was Tesharr, or something like that. Then Tum Darkblade, because Tum was a funny name for a ninja assassin. After that, he just leaned into it.
  • Question 21:
    • Hugo asks: "What NPC would you ship your character with?"
      • Jennifer: Rowan and Adira Harper, who is something like her half-sister-in-law Adira's brother, Titus, married Rowan's half-sister, Ashayara Dayne.
  • Question 22:
    • 4 of 5 Wits asks: "If Harper's favorite treat was Ancient Creme Brulee, what is Toby's favorite treat?"
      • Tim: An overly done Strawberry Torte


  • Tim's number one goal in life is to make Nika cry, by whatever means necessary.
    • Similarly, Nika's goal is to be on a stream with Tim when he gets black-out drunk.
  • Bananas Foster's death was always planned, but the method he ended up dying in, the crate of bananas, was not. That was improvised.
  • Nika's first DnD/RPG character was a Tiefling Rogue, so she developed a soft spot for them.
  • Bananas was created because Bachmann learned about Skill Monkeys, and decided to take the "monkey" part literally.
  • Please ask Nika for pictures of her feet. She'll charge you.
  • Nika wanted to be a sandwich artist at Subway when she was a youth.
  • Jett Razor was hard for Bachmann to play, due to the accent, so he was getting tired of playing him.
  • Dark Jaela was retired by Nika due to her depression acting up, making the moody and off-putting character a bad time to play. Nika says she would love to bring Dark Jaela back when "her brain is all better."
  • Playing Aludra, particularly her relationship with Jaela, helped Jennifer come to terms with, and accept, her bisexuality. Yay DnD!
  • Lahni was inspired by Florida Man.
  • Tim's first DnD character's name was Tesharr, or something like that.