Episode 2 - Visitors or Guests?

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 2

Title: Visitors or Guests?

Air Date: 12/20/18

Length: 01:00:14

From the Website

Uninhabitable, barren, swampland…. with a resort?! The crew gets ready for a trip to the mysterious St. Paxton Island. Are they prepared for what they’ll find?

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This episode stars Staci, Fred, Mike, Steph, and Veronica and was produced and edited by Hiroshi. The opening and closing theme was created by Rob Anderson.

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Cthulhu & Friends is an actual play of the Trail of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game, but we still homebrewed some rules. Tell your friends!

Episode Synopsis

Devon greets the crew and checks their passes. Then after everyone boards, the ferry departs for St. Paxton Island. The weather worsens and causes the ferry to be thrown around a little. Todd brings Devon a coffee and observes as Devon drops a mysterious package which suddenly clears the storm. As they approach the island the crew sees a beautiful and well-developed resort. As the crew disembarks they bump into Patty, who works at the Visitor Center. She tells them that Darius is the mayor of SPI, and that he has disappeared. She escorts the crew to a carriage that will take them to the Mayor’s Mansion.

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