Episode 3

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The party ventures into the woods and sets up camp. They set a watch and Junpei goes first since he is the most durable. Aludra is still in bear form and Tum is weirdly into this. They all rest and for some reason decide to go back to the holdfast they just escaped from. But there are way more zombie hulks this time Thom and Tum do an extremely roundabout way of scouting. Thom throws Tum into the air to see what he can see. They roll poorly but Tum manages to catch himself just in time for everybody to realize what a complicated idea this was. Tum does see a town in the distance and they decide to go there instead of the holdfast. However they run into a bunch of giant spiders on the way. After defeating a ton of spiders they find some loot on a dead guy in a spider cocoon. Almost everybody gets real armour (except for Junpei) or at the very least more than a headband to wear.