Episode 30 - A Sly Flourish

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The party now has the map to the Cursed Cave where they can apparently find a way to The Lost Island. They set out into the jungle and reach the cave. The cave has a strange door with an angel on the front. Tum attempts to pick the lock and gets slapped in the face. Then the floor underneath Aludra, Thom and Tum opens up and they fall into a cavern below. Junpei was not standing on the trap door and was left above.

In the cavern the party falls into a large cage surrounded by water. The lock is magical but they manage to open it somehow (I don't remember, somebody get on that). Once they open the cage they find that the water is covered by a grid of magic bars that cause the water to freeze into ice when they open the cage. The ice supports their weight and they walk out to find a tall statue of a cloaked and winged figure holding a small chest. Thom of all people manages to open the chest, which reveals a compass and a scroll. Tum grabs the compass and scroll, upon which the statue wraps around him and falls beneath the ice. The ice freezes over top of the statue, trapping Tum beneath it.

Aludra and Thom understandably freak out and manage to develop a system where they jump off the top of the cage and smash the ice. This breaks the magic ice long enough for Tum to get his arm up and hold the scroll out after he acrobatics'd the hell out of the statue's grip like a boss. Aludra reads the scroll and promptly realizes that it is a magic scroll that can help Tum breath underwater. They smash the ice again and convey to Tum to breath through the scroll, which transmutes water into air.

However once Tum gets back up out of the water they realize that the scroll is faulty. Any air Tum breathes gets transmuted into water, and he starts to drown. Despite the party's best efforts, Tum dies in their arms, and we all have a good cry. Once Tum dies, the trap door opens again and a ladder descends to let them out.

Note: This episode was primarily written by The Angel of Death, a kickstarter backer. He wrote some really fantastic flavour text for it so if anybody wants to copy it down that would be great.

RIP Tum "Darkblade" Thumble