Episode 330 - Some Ends are Beginnings

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"You need to choose life, my dude." ~ The Old Master

"Guys, that doesn't look like cum smoke to me." ~ Skud Derringer



Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

The last episode ended on a cliffhanger, where Skud got beat up and his cards were stolen. Apparently, that was Skylar, whom Skud had to battle and got his cards back. Okay, moving on! Years later, Skud, now 17, has been failing in his Cleric classes (while his classmates were all level 5 clerics, Skud was only a mere Level 3). The Old Master called Skud to his office to talk with him. The OM was worried at Skud's attitude about not wanting to be a cleric of Uthgar, so he got Skud a dog, to show him the ways of being chill and cool. He named the dog Squelch, or maybe Hambone, or Spud, or whatever. It should be Squelch, but someone (not naming any names here) forgot to talk about the dog on Skud's Wiki Page. So they couldn't look it up. My B. Skud also got his robe (the one styled after those wavy, 90's water cooler cups), and his chest waxed in the form of a V, where the robe didn't cover.

Master Alder returned to the town for the first time in many years. Skud and co went to challenge him once again. His three skeleton companions are there. Alder remembered Skud (though got his name wrong) and the battle commenced. Skud used his Mandible card that he got last time, and wins the fight! Alder gave him a T-shirt for his victory.

They hung out in town for a while, and then returned back home, where they found smoke billowing from the Monastery. As they ascended the mountain, they found the dead body of Skylar, next to a masked figure she had been fighting. Another masked man turned to them and warned them that they should leave. Skud wanted to fight him in a game of Bones, but Tater Tot just tackled him. They interrogated the man, who revealed that he is part of the team The Skull Bandits. Also, his "peepaw" had always told him that there was booty here, and the dude had a southern accent. GUYS, I THINK THIS GUY IS LANNIE CAPLAIN, LAHNI'S MISSING BROTHER!!! He also had a possum pouch that was full of some liquid, so it's basically confirmed. He's a Wood Elf.

They knocked him out and took him up to the monastery with them, where they see that everyone in the monastery has been massacred. They barged in, not stealthy, and are noticed by the Skull Bandit members. The fight begins. Tater Tot and Vesper get knocked out, and Skud is stabbed with a poisoned sward. As he is passing out, he sees the Bandits kill Squelch/Hambone/Spud! But, then, he sees four figures in black robes enter, and kill all the bandits. One of the skeletons gets his robes torn off, revealing that it's made of iron. Then Skud blacks out.

He awakens, with Master Alder standing over him, along with his three skeleton compaions, one of whom is made of iron. Alder apologizes for not getting there soon enough. He says that all of the others are dead, including Tater Tot, Vesper, and Chopper. The only other survivor is Lannie, because he didn't kill anyone. Skud asks how he is able to command the bones like that, and the man reveals that he is a true Bonemancer. He throws Skud a coin with a skeleton on it. From From that day forward, Skud vowed to travel the world and learn everything that there was to know about bones and be the most powerful bone master the world has ever seen.

Aldur then takes Lannie to the constable, to pay for his crimes.



  • Despite the different races reaching maturity at different ages, the Monastery only recognizes the human age of 18 years old, as the official mark of adulthood
  • The dog is Squelch, whom we saw before. I also forgot abotu this dog entirely, despite their being a wiki page dedicated to it
    • No one remembers the dog's name, which makes me wish I could be there for the live streams, to help out. Oh well. I guess it's Hambone now
      • Or maybe it's Spud, I don't know
  • Tater Tot is 6 1/2 ft tall now
  • There's a new Bone set out, this time the bones are purple
  • Skud has a crossbow, and a single dart

Quest Log Updates

  • [Active] - Become the Greatest Bonemancer in all the world!
  • [Active] - Find Skud's missing Cards


  • Recap
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    • Tim - 8
    • Bachmann - 9