Episode 379 - Welcome to Venduria

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"How do we get to the air plane?" ~ Lahni Caplain


Episode 379 - Welcome to Venduria

Well we solved the plane of earth without even Bone Battling! Nice job, us. Although maybe it would have been nice to get some practice in…regardless now we have to move on to the Plane of Air for our toughest fight yet!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Long Story

With nothing else left to do here in The Elemental Plane of Earth, the party decides to head on forward to the The Elemental Plane of Air. They go by way of The Elemental Tramway, which has that Sbarro, we all remember. Toby is the one who buys the tickets this time. He buys out an entire car, which costs 20,000 gold. The ticket man also gives them leather helmets. The train has tubes on the back, and the seats have straps (even though no one knows how to use them). The train begins to shake, and they can smell burning. Suddenly, there's a massive explosion, and the train is sent rocketing forward. The track drops out, and the train seems to be riding on magically appearing "things". The planet below gets smaller as the train breaks through the clouds. This is probably the first time this show has dealt with the idea of "space" before, which is cool. Although, we don't really know where we are right now. Is the Elemental Tramway on Drunkeros? I don't know. Hours pass.

Lahni and Rowan notice a cloud with a little rustic cottage on it. Soon after, a group of Pegasi fly by. They come up on a massive funnel shape, a hurricane-sized tornado. And at the top, a city. This, is Venduria, and it's beautiful. It's made of clouds and ice and glass, and it's populated by the Djinn, whom are all hot. The party is greeted on arrival by a Smoke Mephit named Zipper. So, we have our "Ipper". There's always one. Anyway, Zipper informs the gang that in AirBlast 42 (Or BoneBlast 42), the Champion, Fuckin Gary, is set to be fighting Dodge Grabbit!!! Remember him? Well, there's a link right there.

Anyway, Zipper tells them that they should stay in The White Flounder, a local tavern. He leads them there by way of flying clouds. This White Flounder is a lot nicer than the others, even though they still only have one room available. The room is much the same as the rest of the plane, white a cloudy, and in fact, the bed seems to be one large semi-solid cloud! This place sounds great. I want to be there. They get some meat-flavored cotton candy from a street meat vendor named Street Meat Fred (the less said about this, the better). They head back to the hotel, and right before they fall asleep, the Sorrowful Man tells them that tomorrow, he can help them get a meeting with the match maker.


The party heads back to the Elemental Tramway, where Toby buys them an entire train car for 20,000 gold. It's more like a rocket, and it takes them to Venduria, the main city in The Elemental Plane of Air. After meeting Zipper, the gang set up in their third White Flounder, although this one is a lot nicer than the others. It's revealed that the Bones Champion, Fuckin Gary, is going to fight Dodge Grabbit tomorrow! And before they fall asleep, Lahni's brother Lanny or Lonny or whatever promises to get them in the meet the Bones Championship match maker.


  • Tomorrow is AirBlast 42
  • Drunkeros has BitCoin, but in this world, they are regular coins that have been bitten by a rare creature, and are thus worth more
    • And, they can be bitten by a strider, which is a spider lady, so it's the Dark Web
  • Princess Ivy Bluemoon was thought to be the last Pegasus, but I suppose was only the last Pegasus in the Prime Material Plane
  • The White Flounder serves Pegasus Wings! But it's not real Pegasus wings, it's buffalo wings


  • Lahni
  • Rowan
  • Skud
    • Gold Bone Coin that lets him enter the Bones championship
    • Water Badge
    • Earth Badge
    • Heavy Armor, atop of his robe, adorned with fish
    • Sending Stone
    • Longsword of Wounding
    • Leather Helmet
  • Toby
    • Letter opener of Silga Darvo
    • Diary of Silga Darvo
    • Dossier on a Warehouse Owner
    • Robe of Stars
    • Broom of Flying
    • Sending Stone
    • Scroll of Teleportation {x3}
    • Ring of Mind Shielding
    • Leather Helmet
  • Bercy Hamhands
    • 1 Bag of Holding
    • Leather Helmet
  • The Sorrowful Man
    • Leather Helmet
  • Anyone
    • "Several" Potions of Fire Resistance
    • Potions of Haste
    • Dark Blade
    • More Sending Stones, just in case
    • Potions of Underwater Breathing
    • Bag of Infinite Burgers
    • Bag of Infinite Moscow Mules

Quest Log Updates


  • Recap
    • Tim - 18
    • Jennifer - 5
    • Nika - 2
    • Bachmann - 17

  • Everyone rolls a d20 to see who gets the bad seatbelt
    • Toby - Nat1
    • Lahni - Nat1
    • Skud - 5
    • Rowan - 6
      • There are no harnesses that they know how to use

  • Everyone rolls Perception
    • Lahni - 29
    • Toby - 19
    • Rowan - 29
    • Bachmann - 16
      • Lahni and Rowan notice the cloud with the cottage