Episode 3 - The Raven

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 3

Title: The Raven

Air Date: 1/2/19

Length: 42:24

From the Website

Brunch?! At least the Mayor’s Mansion is known for something. The crew finally arrives at Darius’s house. Will they find any clues regarding Darius’s disappearance?

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This episode stars Staci, Fred, Mike, Steph, and Veronica and was produced and edited by Hiroshi. The opening and closing theme was created by Rob Anderson.

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Cthulhu & Friends is an actual play of the Trail of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game, but we still homebrewed some rules. Tell your friends!

Episode Synopsis

The crew received keys to Darius’s mansion, and are dropped off. After ringing the doorbell, the door to the mansion is opened by a knowledgeable woman named Ruby. She gives them a tour of the facility, which leaves the crew with more questions than answers. After Ruby departs the crew discusses what they have learned and become more suspicious of their surroundings. The party is split with Edward heading to the Devine Bovine, Todd and Clara looking around the mansion unescorted, and Bellamy resting in her room.

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