Episode 4

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Thom, Tum, Aludra and Junpei enter the ramshackle town of New Newfoundland Land and meet Ballard, the village elder. As the group presses Ballard for information about the nearby holdfast, a sudden bolt of energy from the sky petrifies Junpei! Ballard claims local wood elves are to blame and offers to store Junpei with others the wood elves have cursed while the rest of the group seeks out a cure and liberates the town's provisions. Thom threatens vengeance if Ballard is lying.

En route to the cave holding the town's supplies, the group is joined by surly wood elf ranger Luccan. The elf claims to have warned Ballard's people about the dangerous cave and says the townsfolk violated an elven burial ground when building their town. However, Luccan is impressed with the group's abilities and decides to join their quest. He also offers to heal Junpei, but denies knowledge of the holdfast.

In order to rescue the provisions, the heroes and Luccan launch a surprise attack on a group of slimes. Despite most of the party being engulfed in slime, they defeat the beasts with Luccan's help and rush onward into the hidden elven valley beyond the cave. Luccan warns of a giant creature terrorizing the valley – the Dreadwing Behemoth! The feathered monster suddenly crashes through the trees and attacks, nearly devouring Thom. But the Dreadwing bit off more than it could chew and is quickly slain by the group's hidden combat skills. Luccan generously offers to share the tasty creature with Ballard's folk as a peace offering.

Once back at New Newfoundland Land, the noble elves and newly arrived humans give thanks for their feast. Luccan uses some of the slime to reverse the petrification spell on Junpei and the other villagers. The elves also bring gifts of armor and weapons to Tum and Aludra. With Junpei healed and peace restored to the area, Ballard promises to reveal what he knows of the holdfast once the feast has concluded.

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