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*[[Trant Thumble]]
*[[Trant Thumble]]
*Many guards
*Many guards
**[http://geeklyinc.com/wiki/index.php?title=Phil Phil] & Bob
**[[Phil]] & Bob

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Episode 50 - The Greatest Love Story Ever Told

Adam Bash and Sarah Tompkins are back for the thrilling conclusion to Thom the Dragonborn’s attempt to be united with the one object in the world that has any meaning to him.

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters



Thom, Watari and Wren are briefed by Salazar on the heist. They are to enter as entourage of a great dignitary, who is visiting Trant Thumble on official business. Then they must disarm a hallway of death, unlock a master safe and then escape with Blood Drinker and some magic dice.

The "Oceans Three" enter Castle Greyskull and they see their "boss" enter the meeting room with Trant Thumble. They soon strike up a conversation with two guards, Phil and "Not Silent" Bob. Phil is suspicious of the groups wanton disregard of normal guarding ettiquette, as they attempt to leave to removed goods off a cart. After a while, Thom stays behind whilst Watari and Wren slink off.

Wren uses hypnosis on a guard to persuade him to go make a snack whilst her falcon familiar scouts ahead. She soon finds the magical source of power for the hall of death. Wren easily disarms two crystals using her falcon to help.

Watari meanwhile waits by the hall of death with his uber eyeglass of dangersense. Sure enough, the hallways becomes less deadly as he leaps between lasers. He then tricks two guards by the vault to run into the hall of death (who subsequently die horribly - how will their familys cope?!). An alarm is triggered however, so Watari quickly opens the vaults, nabs Blood Drinker, the dice and several thousand gold pieces (for his own personal bank account).

Thom tries small talk with Phil and Bob, who are peturbed by the huge alarm which shakes the castle. The crew then proceed to escape the castle, which involves making Trant Thumble fall over, killing several guards and Thom finally getting his scaly paws on Blood Drinker.

The episode ends with two interesting developments. Firstly, Blood Drinker is now in Thom's mind, encouraging him constantly to go on a killing spree. Secondly, Watari hands Thom a "Speak with Animals" scroll which would allow him to talk to any animal... and we all know what that could mean!


  • Thom is reunited with Blood Drinker!
  • Thom is given a scroll of Speak with Animals, an item that will live in infamy...

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