Episode 59 - Weird Swamp

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Episode 59 - Weird Swamp

I hope you are sitting down because I have some interesting news: weird things happen in this episode of Drunks and Dragons. I know, I know, you come here for your hard, gritty and dark fantasy where hard truths are learned by the players through punishing challenges. But, just for this episode take off your gloomy smock and replace it your child like wonder smoking jacket. I will not spoil anything for you, dear readers, but this episodes has one of the best cliffhangers to date for our silly little show. Be sure to let us kn0w you thoughts and feelings through textual comments below!

Cast and Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

  • Ros
  • Thed Vidalis
  • Thrudy
  • Bartender



After returning magic to the world Thom and Aludra wake up back in their bodies. Ros tells them that the whole thing only took about 30 seconds but their hearts stopped beating. Ros and Thom get smoochy and it makes Harper very uncomfortable.

They get back on the road and travel further and further south. It gets hotter and more tropical and Harper wonders if perhaps they can get into some light drug trafficking. Ros admits that she has never been down her in her travels as a simple boatwoman so she has no idea what is a drug.

They get to a town called Mist Marsh on the edge of the Swamps of Ichtaka. The gang sees a dragonborn with a tail go into a tavern. After a discussion of how stables work they go check out the tavern. It's very taverny and called The Wyrmling's Snout. Harper is an ass to Ros and Thom sets up the code word "bonana." Harper also gets very excited when he finds a stuffed lizard lion.

Inside there are some humans, a gnome and the Dragonborn with a tail. The party talks with the bartender and gets some very confusing information(also egg-grog). The bartender doesn't seem to know anything about the fall of House Vidalis, insisting that it never fell. The party consults the book Thom stole from the library in Caer. The book explains that House Vidalis fell in 1380, and it is currently 1700. They try to think up reasons why House Vidalis would still be around but they really have no idea.

They go chat up the tailed dragonborn and he introduces himself as Thed Vidalis. But when they ask him what year it is he says it's 1380 omg holy shiiiiiiiiiit!

At this point a lady dragonborn named Thrudy comes in and they go to talk to her. When she sees Thom she falls to her knees and claims that he is some kind of lord or king. Everybody freaks out and we all bleed astonishment from our eyeholes.


  • Tim Lanning says to take a picture every Christmas for the next 7 years of yourself drinking egg-nog and put #eggnog.
  • First appearance of the Swamps of Ichtaka
  • This episode introduces the concept that the current year (in the normal episodes), is 1700, cementing the year that it is, and giving us a reference point by which all other episodes can be determined the date thereof

Quest Log Updates