Episode 5 - Taking Shifts

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 5

Title: Taking Shifts

Air Date: 1/18/19

Length: 01:05:13

From the Website

A watched pot never boils. The crew spends their first night in St. Paxton, but find little rest at Malsato Lago. A trip to the police station brings them face to face with someone new. Is this SPI resident a friend or foe? Keep listening to find out!

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This episode stars Staci, Fred, Mike, Steph, and Veronica and was produced and edited by Hiroshi. The opening and closing theme was created by Rob Anderson.

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Episode Synopsis

The crew is worried about the time difference. They set up the alarms in the bedrooms and take turns on watch while they sleep in the living room. The night passes mostly uneventful, with no time variation between the alarms. After breakfast the crew heads over to City Hall. While wandering through the building the group finds a recorded voice message from Darius. In the message Darius tells them that he is entrusting them to take care of St. Paxton until he returns. The message is stopped by a dark-haired girl who introduces herself as Nighthawk.

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