Episode 60 - Hello, Mr. Vidalis

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Reeling from revelation that Thom is apparently the lord of House Vidalis the party asks Thed Vidalis to take them to House Vidalis. They discuss it a little bit and Harper reveals more of his weird fetish for lizard lions. Thrifty talks mad shit about the South and Jennifer totally calls him on it. Eventually they head off through the swamps on special swamp sleds because the wagon won't go through the swamp. While traveling through the swamp they meet a highly intelligent monkey named Monkey who travels with them and talks like a game show host. Then we all remember that the party used to have a hamster named Space.

Thed challenges them to a race through the swamp which kicks off a skill challenge. They completely destroy the skill challenge and arrive at House Vidalis where somebody tells Thom he's supposed to be making a speech soon. They go to the area and see somebody who looks EXACTLY like Thom on the dais. Our Thom immediately feels an immense urge to both fuck and kill this doppelganger. The other Thom makes a speech about attacking Pelor's Hope, pulls out his own Blood Drinker and reveals his special soldiers: a dozen clones of himself. Everybody's jaws drop so hard that it caused an earthquake in Peru that killed four people.