Episode 7 - The Next Level

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A bright flash of light heralds Aludra's return from communing with the Primal Beast. The nature spirit saw the group's need for a defender, and has transformed Aludra into a Warden. However, she has lost the power to shape shift, and Thom is no longer aroused by her if she can"t turn into a bear. Despite her newfound powers, she has not regained her memories. The rest of the group discovers they have increased in power as well, and spend some time exploring their new abilities.

Continuing on to the holdfast, Thom once more throws Tum into a tree so he can scout ahead. Both of them are subsequently injured during Tum's dismount. The group decides to sneak into the holdfast compound over a side wall so they don"t alert the zombie hulk guarding the gate. But Aludra's new powers have not made her any stealthier, and she crashes into an outhouse while jumping the perimeter fence. With the element of surprise gone, the zombie hulk charges.

The heroes defeat this zombie hulk with ease, their new powers making quick work of the beast. Moving back into Shadowspar Keep, they warn Aludra to keep it down and not repeat her outhouse mistake. The group finds themselves in a room full of grasping zombies, but they fiercely attack the monsters. This battle marks the start of Junpei saying "REE-FLEX" every time someone makes a roll against Reflex. As the zombies grapple with the heroes, the group continues to wreak havoc on their foes.

But even as Tum, Junpei, Thom and Aludra fight off the last of the zombies, another door in the room opens. A mysterious figure appears from the bowels of the holdfast. Could this be the infamous Lord Milnor at last, or just another of his horrors?