Episode 81 - The Live Show

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The show starts with the sound of Daisy hooves and Bucky and Ros discussing in the dark. Bucky asks where his parents and Uncle Harper are and Ros tells him they had to go away. Bucky asks where they are going and Ros says somewhere safe.

Afterwards, Thrifty returns in his DM outfit and introduced the players. They all gather on the stage and sing "Do you Want to Kill some Minions?" and "Railroad" to get in the mood. The game starts with the party in a bar in Pelor's Hope known for it's beautiful bar wenches. A beautiful wench named Steph enters to serve them, but she is followed by an even more beautiful wench named Dean. They talk with the wenches and learn that the gates of Pelor's Hope have been closed and nobody can get in or out. Also the bar is on Maple Street.

Just then a bunch of ruffians enter the bar and want to fight the party. But they're all minions so they easily handle them. Then there's an intermission.

After intermission they talk about how they need to find the Adherant of Erathis, even though they don't remember that title. A familiar (to Thom and Aludra) elf enters the bar: it's Luccan! And there was much rejoicing (and swearing). Luccan tells them that the world is pretty much completely overrun by demons, it's the apocalypse, and that Caer has sunk into the abyss. All while spicing it up with creative language. Luccan doesn't know where the Adherant of Erathis is but he says Old Man Weck would know. Then he points out Old Man Weck in the other end of the bar. Old Man Weck agrees to help them if they can pass a skill challenge. The party succeeds in a series of arm wrestles, dancing, and pick up artistry.

The Adherant of Erathis enters the bar and introduces herself as Nika Howard! The new party member! And there is much rejoicing and butt touching.