Episode 84 - Once More Through the Wyrmhole

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After deciding what to do about Adira Harper and Bucky the party goes back to sleep for a while. And what do you know, Harper wakes up in a strange clearing in the woods. A silver dragon lands on top of him and off hops Aelar the Dragon Hunter. Aelar summons Aludra and Jaela but fails to summon Thom. Instead he accidentaly summons an elven man named Rolen Twentais who is an archer.

Aelar tells them the he previously warded them against Tiamat but the warding has failed for some reason. The warding was supposed to last until their deaths. They awkwardly explained that they totally died and came back so woops. A large blue dragon attacks them.

The fight does not go so well. It's a tough dragon and they don't roll so hot. Also without Thom and Blood Drinker they aren't doing as much damage as normal. The episode ends with the dragon not even bloodied.