Episode 8 - Robot No Feel Love?

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Moving deeper into Shadowspar Keep, Junpei, Aludra, Tum and Thom come face to face with Thokas, Lord Milnor's chief henchman. Thokas draws his greatsword, making his intentions clear to his former prisoners. As the group advances on him, Thokas removes an arcane device from within his armor. Pressing a button on the strange remote, the group hears the approach of something large and metallic - Thokas' automated soldiers!

Studded with claws and hammers, the robotic warriors join the battle. Thokas and his minions seem too well-armored at first, so Tum and Thom decide to steal the remote and gain control of the automatons. Aludra engages Thokas while Tum and Thom position themselves to grab the remote. To everyone's surprise, Tum launches a sudden devastating attack against Thokas, knocking him unconscious with a single blow. The halfling secures the artificer's remote, but the robots continue fighting.

Junpei persuades Tum to give him the remote so he can examine the strange device. But without thorough knowledge of the remote or the robots, Junpei begins pressing the remote's buttons. One of the robots immediately launches a brutal attack against Thom, inadvertently furthering the Dragonborn’s distrust of the strange Githyanki wizard. Despite the value of the robots, the group decides the killing machines must now be destroyed.

Junpei only worsens the situation by gleefully mashing the buttons of the remote, causing one of the robots to self-destruct, showering the party with molten metal fragments. Junpei revels in his apparent victory even as the group tells him to drop the remote. Tum quickly dispatches the final robot, preventing any more of Junpei's mistakes. While Aludra and Junpei salvage the robot arms as weapons, Thom binds Thokas for interrogation.