Episode 8 - Vengeance. Justice.

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Episode Stats

Season 2 Episode 8

Title: Vengeance. Justice.

Air Date: 06/11/2014

Length: 01:22

Swear Jar Count: 42, Veronica takes a 42% penalty on her "Imma Die" die for the game, and she gives the players a reroll of any die of their choice.

Next Episode: Episode 9 - Ready to Fall

Previous Episode: Episode 7 - Blood, Milk, and Sky

From the Website

This is the newest episode of Cthulhu & Friends. You will enjoy it. You will also buy a CaF t-shirt at the GeeklyInc Store. Also, does anyone even read these? Like if I said that Abraham Lincoln shows up in this episode would you even know it? He really doesn’t. That was just an example.

CaFPodcast does NOT condone the unethical treatment of our feline friends.

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Episode Synopsis

This time on Cthulhu and Friends…

Emmett is awakened by a telephone ringing. He answers, and is told there has been a massacre in the facility. Erik receives the same phone call. Erik and Emmett hurriedly get ready. From her sullen behavior earlier Emmett asks to ditch Riley, but Erik insists on bringing her. After knocking on the door and receiving a response in a strange voice, Erik blasts open the door. As Erik rushes into the room, a large cat-like tail disappears up into the ceiling. Erik quickly finds Riley dead in the bathroom. Erik relays the bad news to Emmett. After hearing a noise in the ceiling above, Emmett decides to run to the command center. Suddenly a large cat pounces on him clawing at his back. In a moment of genius Erik points his laser sight at the floor. Much to his surprise the cat man lunges towards it. Erik takes aim at the cat, and tells him to surrender. Erik leads the cat, Max, into a small office while Emmett finally heads to the command center. After arriving at the command center Emmett is shown the security footage, and he finds out that more than a hundred people are dead.

In the office, Erik tries to come to an understanding with Max, but Max wants nothing more than to kill the Masons. Max blames the Masons for the deaths of his parents. However, Erik finds out that Max is working alone, and most likely against the wishes of his sister. Shortly thereafter Emmett interrupts the discussion, and, while Erik is distracted, Max attempts to escape. Erik is however able to subdue him with his incapacitating baton. Erik tightly restrains Max, and arranges a meeting with Max’s sister. Max is then moved into Erik’s room. Afterwards Erik’s communicator goes off. It’s Mary Mason. Mary is quite upset that Eddie, a multi-billion dollar investment is missing, and directs Erik to find Eddie and 42.

Max is quite unhappy restrained in the bathroom. Erik tells him that they are waiting for his sister. Suddenly Max stops breathing and Erik is unable to find his pulse. While waiting for Max’s Sister, Erik tells Emmett about Mary and about Eddie being an android. Emmett expresses disbelief about how Eddie could be destructive. Above Erik and Emmett a stealthy figure slips into the facility via a hidden entrance. The figure homes in Max’s communication device and manages to find him tied up in the shower. The figure lowers into the bathroom, slits Max’s throat, and then flips out of the way of the red spray that follows. Erik and Emmett seeing movement glance over towards the bathroom just in time to see a female cat land gracefully by the door, and an eruption of blood from Max’s lethal wound. And that’s where we left off in this episode.

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