Episode 95 - Buzz Off

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"You've broken me. I used to be a good person that believed in people, and that person died, and now, I'm just some angry idiot with 200 gallons of honey" ~ Aludra the Dwarf

After defeating the air elemental the gang launches into yet another argument over what to do next. Sick of Harper's constant objecting to finding the Demonomicon, they make him the leader. He immediately rejects the leadership and they begin to argue again. Jaela prays for guidance from Erathis, who tells them (more or less) to "Get the fucking Demonomicon." Thom then prays to Uthgar, who votes for the submarine because Adira Harper isn't really that hot (that showty's a'ight).

They finally agree to go get the honey for Zird. Harper burns a tree up to smoke out a bunch of Hell Wasps so the area is clear. Thom breaks into the wasp hump and takes out 200 pounds of delicious Hell Wasp honey. As they're about to leave a dozen wasps start to come after them. Instead of fighting them, they decide to run away using a skill challenge. It gets very down to the wire, but Jennifer (shockingly) rolls well and they hide in a tree until the wasps pass.

They return to Zird, who is very excited to finally have his honey. He sets up his tea with honey and sits down nicely on the filled air bladder and asks them to deal with the shark. This is when they finally realize that maybe...just maybe Zird doesn't need these things to summon the submarine. They finally confront him for real and Zird reveals that he's just scared of sharks. They force him to create the submarine, which his does using some kind of expanding bath toy.


  • This is the episode where Tim Lanning finds out about the word snoot.
  • First appearance of The Belafonte.