Episode 9 - Thokas Takes a Header

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Having survived Thokas' assault, Aludra, Tum, Junpei, and Thom decide to awaken him in an attempt to learn more about the remote control and Shadowspar Keep. As Aludra uses her healing skill to stop the bleeding, Thom makes some decidedly unwanted sexual advances towards Thokas' person as an intimidate check. Thom is successful and Thokas wets himself.

Tum and Junpei question Thokas on whether the remote can be used on any other automatons and the party is disappointed to find out that it was only for the two they had just destroyed. Junpei is clearly distraught and Tum destroys the remote with a swiftly thrown dagger to focus Junpei on the task at hand. The line of questioning then turns to the Keep and the devices behind everyone's ears. Thokas reveals that the devices are what turns people into zombie hulks after they die but claims to not know anything more about the holdfast itself, swearing that he just does what Lord Milnor tells him. Tum still isn't satisfied and casually instructs Thom to cut Thokas' head off. Thom, unfamiliar with the concept of good cop/bad cop, does so without hesitation, leaving a decapitated Thokas in a pool of his own various bodily fluids.

Undaunted by the mess that is Thokas, the gang searches his body, finding some scale mail, a greatsword, and an Amulet of Protection +1. Thom takes the scale mail and great sword, and the amulet goes to Aludra. Thom also pockets Thokas' head for future... purposes. The gang proceeds down the stairs, delving deeper into Shadowspar Keep. As they proceed down the hallway, the floor beneath them begins to move...


Thom actually cannot wear scale mail armor. Neither Thrifty or Mike realized this at the time so it has since been reflected on his character sheet as "Scale mail that fits like chain mail."