Episode 9 - Welcome Back

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Episode Stats

Season 1 Episode 9

Title: Welcome Back

Air Date: 2/15/19

Length: 48:37

From the Website

You ever hear a small voice from somewhere nearby? What about your friends, what if they heard it too? The Crew cheerfully make their way to the Police Station, but strange things start happening. Have they been here before? Find out in this week’s fun episode.

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This episode stars Staci, Fred, Mike, Steph, and Veronica and was produced and edited by Hiroshi. The opening and closing theme was created by Rob Anderson.

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Cthulhu & Friends is an actual play of the Trail of Cthulhu tabletop roleplaying game, but we still homebrewed some rules. Tell your friends!

Episode Synopsis

After a brief discussion, Nighthawk offers to do a breakfast run. While the crew is eating Nighthawk reports that there is a call regarding a missing child. The Crew heads to City Hall. Inside the crew finds their individual desks. Inside is credentials for each of them. They are interrupted by a strange voice and find an odd bird. The bird scratches Clara as it escapes out a window. Outside the Crew sees a tree covered with Birds. The birds one by one start smashing into the window. Suddenly the dog barks and the birds stop. Upstairs in Darius’s office the odd bird from before sits at the desk. The Crew begins remembering the previous events at St. Paxton Island. Todd redraws the bird board from before, to communicate with the bird. The bird taps out the message Welcome Back.

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