Feslan Wolfblood

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Feslan Wolfblood
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Alias(es): N/A
Race: Human?
Class: Sorcerer?
Status: Unknown
Cause of Death:
Affiliations: Longcryer
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 187 - A Dark Past
Last Episode: Episode 188 - A Dark Past Part 2
MISC Info: N/A

Feslan Wolfblood was a fellow student/captive of Longcryer at Longcryer's Tower, and a dorm-mate of then-Lord-later-King Titus Harper. He served as an example to Titus as they went through their training, being tortured and beat up which Titus knew would happen to him. In the end, he was broken by Longcryer, seeming to be mind-controlled by him. He was made to fight Titus, who's power built during the fight, resulting in an explosion. Titus passed out, and Feslan was never seen nor heard from again. His fate is unknown.


Alive or Dead

Evidence that he is alive:

  • In the year 1706, many years after Harper's training, he returned to Longcryer's Tower, in search of revenge. During his search, he and his friends entered Feslan's room, which appeared to be recently lived in.
  • If you don't see a body, they're not dead.

Evidence that he is dead:

  • Harper probably killed him. He is quite powerful, and was able to kill (by accident) Camille Fordane just hours after their fight.