Fort Swass

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Fort Swass
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Location: Minaros
Contains: Muck E. Trousers
Ruler: Mammon
Notable Occupants: Mammon

Rick the Beholder

Status: Intact
Reason for Destruction:
Affiliations: N/A
Appearances: First Episode: Episode 345 - Swamp Sass
Last Episode: Episode 346 - A Beholder's Bar
MISC Info: They use Soul Coins to gamble

Fort Swass was a city in Minaros, third layer of Hell. It served as the ruling seat of Mammon, ruler of all Minaros. It was said that the city was slowly but surely sinking into the mud, and so its residence were made to scavenge around for parts they could use to prop the city up.

Recent Events

Chase Endaljoy brought Skud Derringer and Toby Treacletart on their quest to defeat and capture Rick the Beholder, for their game of Bones.